In our little corner of the world, otherwise known as South Carolina, it’s hard to fathom the changes taking place globally due to population growth and our society’s demand for resources. If you’re brave enough to open the newspaper or listen in during your morning coffee you’ll learn some startling facts. Population estimates paint a grim picture. It’s possible we’ll see global population grow to over 9.6 billion people by the year 2050, which could require the equivalent of three of our planets to accommodate the estimated need for resources.Recycling In South Carolina

Wait, what? Most of us cannot even fathom almost ten billion people, much less the estimate of the resources required to support them. It’s easy to hear those numbers, dismiss them as too massive to comprehend, and resign ourselves to the fact that we’ll deal with it when it arrives. However, what if there were a way to save the world, from your desk in South Carolina. There is, and that’s where Evergreen Environmental comes in. We make it easy to implement and maintain a recycling program at your company.

It may seem simplistic to quote scary population growth numbers and resource estimates and then follow it up with a very simple solution. However, it really is that simple. Many of the resource challenges we face today and in the future can be solved if we are simply strategic and accountable for the resources we currently have today. Modern recycling can turn most corporate waste into a renewed material or product that can be used again. Some materials and products can be recycled and renewed indefinitely. For those of us for whom recycling isn’t a daily practice or part of our normal routine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy it is to recycle with Evergreen Environmental. We process all of your single stream recyclables and there is no sorting required. Single stream recycling means all the items that are normally recyclable, like paper, plastic, and aluminum, and no sorting means you just drop it all in one bin and we do the rest. Businesses in South Carolina will be even more pleased to learn we’ll handle your electronics recycling as well and keep you compliant with State laws.

Yes, our population is growing at a rate that is producing immense resource challenges.  Yes, you can do your part to save the world with one phone call. Call Evergreen Environmental and allow us to build a corporate recycling program that will allow your company to reduce its impact on the environment by reducing your office waste through recycling. We’ll design a program that works for your company and make it as easy as possible to maintain. We’ve been dedicated to helping businesses reduce their impact on the environment with corporate e-waste and single-stream recycling programs for over twenty-five years. We are family owned and proud to serve companies in Greenville, Columbia, and the Grand Strand areas of South Carolina.

Be a hero. Pick up the phone and contact the team at Evergreen Environmental to learn how we can help you save the world, one recycling bin at a time.

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