Taking care of our world environmentally has never been more important. We have all heard the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” When many see that phrase, they only think about the last piece, recycling. While recycling is extremely important, reducing waste may be just as impactful! At Ever Green Environmental, we have a passion for helping businesses in Upstate South Carolina find better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Reduce Use of a Landfill

By partnering with Ever Green Environmental, we make taking better care of our plant easy! Let us create a detailed plan focused on how your business can have a big impact with a business recycling program and reduce your use of the landfill once and for all. Our programs centered around recycling will limit and properly dispose of your company’s waste. In turn, you’ll be able to feel proud that your business is taking the extra steps to ensure that you are doing your part to protect the environment. Our expert team can help your business by placing recycling containers on site, servicing those containers as frequently as needed, as well as sorting and delivering the recycled items.

Reasons to Reuse

Since recycling gets to much attention globally, our team at Ever Green Environmental feel obligated to explain the importance of reusing items in the workplace. In the business world, the term reuse is a process where you extend the life of an item. Whether it is buying or selling used goods, renting items, or making use that your business equipment is property maintained, the reuse process can help keep items out of the waste stream. Just think about how much less pollution occurs when reusing an item. Rather than making a new item and causing pollution, you can utilize a used item and minimize the potential pollutants. Additionally, reusing in the business world helps reduce hazardous waste and protects valuable resources such as fuel, water and trees. Reusing can also help your business save money. Just because something is used doesn’t mean that it’s not in great shape!
If you are ready to develop a partnership with Ever Green Environmental and enhance the way that your Upstate South Carolina business reduces waste, reuses items and recycles, don’t delay this process any longer! With just a few simple changes around your office, your business can quickly become much more environmentally friendly.
Give us a call today at 864-230-9800 or email to learn more about the services we offer local businesses.

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