Taking care of our world environmentally has never been more important. We have all heard the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” When many see that phrase, they only think about the last piece, recycling. While recycling is extremely important, reducing waste may be just as impactful! At Ever Green Environmental, we have a passion for helping businesses in Upstate South Carolina find better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Reduce Use of a Landfill

By partnering with Ever Green Environmental, we make taking better care of our plant easy! Let us create a detailed plan focused on how your business can have a big impact with a business recycling program and reduce your use of the landfill once and for all. Our programs centered around recycling will limit and properly dispose of your company’s waste. In turn, you’ll be able to feel proud that your business is taking the extra steps to ensure that you are doing your part to protect the environment. Our expert team can help your business by placing recycling containers on site, servicing those containers as frequently as needed, as well as sorting and delivering the recycled items.

Reasons to Reuse

Since recycling gets to much attention globally, our team at Ever Green Environmental feel obligated to explain the importance of reusing items in the workplace. In the business world, the term reuse is a process where you extend the life of an item. Whether it is buying or selling used goods, renting items, or making use that your business equipment is property maintained, the reuse process can help keep items out of the waste stream. Just think about how much less pollution occurs when reusing an item. Rather than making a new item and causing pollution, you can utilize a used item and minimize the potential pollutants. Additionally, reusing in the business world helps reduce hazardous waste and protects valuable resources such as fuel, water and trees. Reusing can also help your business save money. Just because something is used doesn’t mean that it’s not in great shape!
If you are ready to develop a partnership with Ever Green Environmental and enhance the way that your Upstate South Carolina business reduces waste, reuses items and recycles, don’t delay this process any longer! With just a few simple changes around your office, your business can quickly become much more environmentally friendly.
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Myth – Recycling uses more energy than it saves.
Truth – Making products from recycled materials uses, on average, 50% less energy than making them from new materials!

While processing recycled materials certainly requires some energy, it is not true that it uses more energy than it saves.  On average, making products from recycled materials requires approximately 50% less energy than making products from raw materials, and for some products the energy savings are far higher. Turning old aluminum cans into new aluminum products uses 95% less energy than making aluminum from fresh materials!
Don’t forget that while there is quite a bit of energy associated with the recycling process there is also a lot of energy needed to pull raw materials from the ground!
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Compliments of Perfect Rubber Mulch – 10 Myths About Recycling

When was the last time your business just tossed old batteries or electronics out with the regular garbage? If your answer is anything but “never,” you should know that doing so is expressly dangerous and harmful to the environment. Battery acid, plastics, lead, cadmium, beryllium, and even mercury all leach away from these electronics when they reach landfills instead of being property recycled. This can lead to serious harm for garbage processors, the Earth, animals, and even people, too. If you’re still not convinced why it matters that you don’t toss that last-generation iPhone in the trash, these high-impact dangers of improper handling should change your mind. Read more How Recycling Adds Up, One Phone at a Time.

Poisoned Water Tables

E-waste items like computers and smartphones often contain potentially harmful substances like lead and mercury. While they aren’t harmful to humans within these devices, once they begin to break down they can cause significant harm to water tables. As they leach through the ground, the contamination goes largely unnoticed. It can be decades later after multiple devices break down before local environmental protection agencies even notice the problem. In more than one instance, e-waste has directly influenced lead levels in drinking water, something that can lead to severe illness and even death.

Complex Water Contamination

The risk for a contamination problem rises steeply in landfills near lakes, streams, oceans, or coastline. Water can carry contaminants for tens or hundreds of miles, harming the ecosystem all along its path. In areas where farmland lies downstream, these contaminants can even infiltrate food crops, putting humans at real risk. Rising mercury levels in tuna is one example of this in practical application.

Harm to Local Flora and Fauna

It isn’t just water supplies that suffer when e-waste is improperly handled; local flora and fauna can suffer, too. Plants and animals can struggle with the same risks and hazards as humans, and have the additional potential risk of ingestion, too. Seabirds in particular are under high risk to eat small watch batteries or devices assuming they’re food; one the battery breaks down within the stomach it can kill them. High levels of certain minerals and metals can also stunt or kill plants, disturbing the local ecosphere dramatically.

Increased Cancer Rates

There is at least some evidence to prove that certain elements within e-waste may be teratogenic. This includes the cadmium found in computer chips and the beryllium found on motherboards. Used within computers the risk of harm is minute, but again issues can arise when old e-waste begins to break down. Depending on the substance, the release of teratogenic or carcinogenic materials could directly harm garbage sorters or may even enter the atmosphere if toxins are heated or burned within landfills.
Though research continues into just how grave the potential risk may be, most scientists agree that the sheer volume of e-waste that isn’t recycled today is, in fact, a problem. Implementing a business recycling program is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce your potential ecological footprint. Best of all, it could even help you to recoup or reduce overall costs as well.
Reach out to Ever Green Environmental today to learn how an e-waste recycling program can benefit you, your employees and the environment.

Making Products from Recycled Materials is too Expensive

The cost to make a product, from either raw or recycled materials, is determined by economic factors that are constantly in flux. While some things made from recycled products may be more expensive, others are comparably priced or even cheaper. And that’s just in pure dollars and cents! Once you take into account the environmental benefits of making things out of pre-harvested materials, those recycled products don’t seem so expensive at all!
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Compliments of Perfect Rubber Mulch – 10 Myths About Recycling

Single stream recycling from Ever Green Environmental is easy. We will help you develop a comprehensive, simple to implement recycling program.

Image and article by Perfect Rubber Mulch.

The recycling community throughout the United States shares a common goal when it comes to our environment. Make an environmental impact by reducing the amount of trash sent to the landfill. When we were made aware of an article that Perfect Rubber Mulch posted, it was too good not to share with you.
With so many misconceptions about recycling swirling around, a little knowledge can go a long way towards helping you make wise decisions about how to dispose of your trash. If you didn’t know the truth behind all these myths it would be easy to think that recycling wasn’t worth our time, effort, or money but that could not be farther from the truth. While it certainly isn’t a perfect solution to dealing with our trash problem, recycling is an important part of our long-term sustainability strategy. Simply put, the pros of recycling outweigh the cons in almost all situations.

Myth #1

Recycling is More Expensive than Disposal

While there are some costs associated with recycling, properly designed recycling programs can be cost competitive with disposal programs. And the best thing is that the more that people recycle, the more cost effective it gets! According to the EPA, disposing of trash costs around $75-200 per ton while a comparable curbside recycling program costs around $50-150 per ton!
While recycling facilities and programs are expensive to get up and running, the long term costs are not necessarily higher than the costs associated with traditional disposal methods.

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Is your office green? If you haven’t taken steps to make your everyday business recycling program more environmentally friendly, you’re missing out on a crucial opportunity to benefit the Earth. “Going green” is no longer complicated or even costly. Conversely, some businesses discover that a business recycling program ends up positively affecting their bottom line. Whatever your motivation for considering a move to more eco-friendly practices, you should know that the potential impacts of doing so are vastly beneficial, especially when you implement a business recycling program.

Kill Fewer Trees by Going Paper-Free

Let’s face it; the world is moving away from paper products, creating a paperless workplace and you should, too. Nearly everything (even patient records) can now be effectively and safely stored on media rather than in paper form. Better yet, electronic storage is safer and more reliable, too, especially if your storage is in the cloud; if there’s a fire, a flood, or someone breaks in, they still won’t be able to access sensitive information.
For any paper items you need to rely on, a business recycling program will keep them out of a landfill and reduce the sheer number of trees needed to fulfill your needs. Have employees shred sensitive papers and recycle the rest; at the end of the week you can have them picked up for proper business recycling so they’re out of your way.
Potential Impact:  Save 682.5 gallons of oil, 26,500 liters of water and 17 trees for every 1 ton of paper your business recycles.

Reduce Chemical Impacts Through Business Recycling Programs and Waste Management

Some of the chemical products businesses use are questionable at best. This includes everything from everyday cleaners like bleach to maintenance-oriented products like paint thinner and even solvents designed to clean up grease. Some industrial products may even be caustic or outright poisonous; proper handling and recycling of these materials is one of the biggest and most important steps towards a greener business that you can make.
While your first step should always be to choose the most environmentally friendly chemicals you can in the first place, this is admittedly not always possible, especially within the tech or industrial market. When you must use caustic chemicals, ensure that all employees have the correct training to use and dispose of them correctly. Then, partner with a chemical waste company to ensure that they’re disposed of safely when no longer in use. Never pour chemicals like cleaners, paint, solvents, or acids down the drain. Doing so can cause widespread harm.
Potential Impact: Fewer chemical accidents at work, less impact on local water tables, and safer protocols for staff members, too.

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“A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.”  John Sawhill

Isn’t that the truth these days? Have you ever looked into your work garbage visibly upset by how many things could be recycled and instead are being thrown in the trash to sit in a landfill and ruin our planet. Sustainability is a growing subject and many companies across the nation, and the world, are beginning to prioritize their own “go green” efforts. Honestly, starting a office recycling program in your office is not that hard. The first step is to make the decision to do it! What’s next? Let Ever Green Environmental help prepare you to start your own office recycling program today!

Figuring Out The Needs

So now that you have decided to take that green plunge, what do you do first? Our recommendation is figuring out what your needs actually are. Take a look at the trashcans. Where are they placed? What exactly is in it? When is it being utilized most? Our easiest recommendation for this is doing an office wide poll or survey to help you gain all the information you need to begin a office recycling program.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

For those new to office recycling, it may be a tad bit overwhelming to see 20 different kinds of recycling bins where just one trash can used to be. That’s why we urge those starting an office recycling program to ease into the process.  Starting with something small, like recycling paper products can help tremendously. Then, as more and more employees begin to understand and utilize the office recycling program, turn it up a notch!

Encouragement is Key!

Who do employees listen to the most? In a general company setting, the boss has the ultimate say. If the boss is doing it, employees should follow suit. The best way to reach others is by motivating them and encouraging them and this should come from the boss and trickle its way down to everyone in the workplace. Another great motivator are signs and information that tells employees where exactly they can recycle! It never hurts to show your employees exactly where recyclables can go!
Training the staff, arranging the disposal, and gradually turning your office into a fully lean, green, recycling machine is an invaluable process that takes time and energy, but is worth every second!
If you are looking for office recycling services to get you started with your office, look no further than Ever Green Environmental. Currently serving upstate South Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Western North Carolina (including Asheville). For more information about starting an office recycling program, call us today at 864-230-9800.