Have you ever stopped to think if your business may be throwing away all sorts of waste that could be recycled? In this week’s blog we’ll showcase a few areas where you may be able to reduce the amount of waste that is going into area landfills while also saving you money at the same time.
Below are a few of the common areas where businesses are throwing away a large amount of waste that could actually be recycled.
Almost every business goes through large amounts of paper over the course of any given week or month. Even with the advances in email and Internet communications, businesses still generate a large amount of waste in the form of paper. Why not focus on going paperless in 2015 using cloud based technologies as well as recycling what paper you do generate?
Electronic Waste_22575493_xsChances are you have a large amount of old electronics taking up valuable space inside your office or storage areas. Why not get rid of that electronic waste so that you can put all of that storage space to good use? By partnering with Ever-Green Recycling we can accept all types of electronics and will properly dispose of it to ensure that nothing ends up in our local landfill.
Bio-Medical Waste
If you are a medical facility, you likely have to deal with the proper disposal of your bio-medical waste. Unlike many other providers, we only charge you for the boxes that you use. We do not require long-term commitments and require no minimums. Contact us today to be setup on a route service to handle all of your bio-medical waste.
No Need To Separate Recyclables With Single Stream Recycling
One of the reasons that many businesses are reluctant to signup for recycling services is the need to separate all of their paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and cardboard. With Ever-Green Recycling we offer single stream recycling where you place all of your recyclables in one container and we do the sorting for you at our Spartanburg recycling facility.
Need More Information on our Business Recycling Programs?
If you’re looking for more information about our business recycling programs, give us a call today at 864-230-9800. We’ll be happy to come out to your office to show you how we can make your company Ever Green through our business recycling programs.