Recycling Services: Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Metal & E-Waste Single Stream Recycling Services in SC

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    Single Stream Recycling

  • Electronic scrap. Different phones and smartphones not suitable for repair.

    Electronics Recycling

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    Biomedical Recycling

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    Scrap Metal Recycling

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    Universal Waste Recycling

    Ever Green Environmental, LLC has dedicated ourselves to providing quality, convenient, and quick recycling services to businesses in the various industries operating from South Carolina. We have helped many in South Carolina to dispose of materials in an environmentally friendly manner, whether its scrap metal recycling, biomedical, universal, and even e-waste recycling. We accomplish our goal of providing first rate recycling pickup service in South Carolina with our single stream recycling and customizable route services. Let us help you and the environment with our extensive recycling services by contacting us and finding out what we can do for your business.
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    Single Stream Recycling for South Carolina Businesses

    We offer some of the most accessible and most reliable recycling services to businesses operating in South Carolina. We provide a container, the size of your choosing, where you can place all of your paper, cardboard, plastic, and selective metal recycling materials. No sorting is required and based on a predetermined schedule, and we can pick up the container full of materials for recycling. No matter what you need properly disposed of, from e-waste to metal recycling service, our team is ready and equipped to handle it all.

    Pickup & Hauling Recycling Services in South Carolina

    We have been providing containers and pick up when they are full of materials for recycling from businesses throughout South Carolina since 2007. It is our hope to help make the act of recycling easier and convenient for every kind of business. Whether you are looking for services to help with scrap metal recycling, we at Ever Green Environmental, LLC are here for you. We can also help with any electronic recycling for those South Carolina companies looking to dispose of their outdated technology after updating to newer versions.

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    Eco Friendly Electronic Waste Disposal in South Carolina

    Ever Green Environmental, LLC understands that we are treated to newer technology very frequently, and that means older electronics become disposable very quickly. That is why we proudly offer electronic recycling services. These can include computers, laptops, televisions, monitors, or any other form of electronics. Our e-waste recycling option makes it easy to quickly and conveniently extract and repurpose the materials in electronics. Whether we are extracting the precious metals for our recycling services or for the plastic that once protected these electronics, we can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill.

    Biomedical and Universal Waste Recycling in South Carolina

    Part of our recycling services offered to South Carolina companies includes the delicate and careful collection of biomedical and universal waste to properly disposed of and, whenever possible, recycle. Although it can sometimes be easier to identify biomedical waste, universal waste can be a little more troublesome. Universal waste can include batteries, equipment containing mercury, pesticides, and lamps. If you are unsure of what constitutes as biomedical and universal waste, contact us for more information.

    Choice Large Volume Commodity Disposal in South Carolina

    We help businesses throughout South Carolina properly dispose of their recyclable materials, whether it with our plastic, paper, or other recycling services. Sometimes a company generates a significant amount of waste in either a short or a long period of time. Ever Green Environmental, LLC assists businesses in a wide range of industries by offering large containers to place their materials for recycling or to a regular sized container, and we will collect its contents more frequently. We have the options you need no matter the size of your business or the amount of waste it needs to be recycled.

    Hard Drive Recycling

    Unlike the general plastic recycling services that are commonplace in South Carolina, hard drive recycling can be a bit more delicate. With the concerns surrounding cyber-security, privacy laws, and sensitive or other private information being made public, the disposal of electronic storage devices needs to undergo a more destructive direction. Our hard drive recycling services ensure the complete destruction of data on a hard disk and solid state drives so you won’t have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.


    Click to Call and Schedule a Recycling Plan in South Carolina

    With customizable waste disposal and recycling plans for a range of industries, Ever Green Environmental, LLC can meet all your South Carolina business’s recycling needs. We even offer online payments to make single stream recycling as convenient as possible. So, click to call, and start helping your company become more environmentally conscious today!