You’ve probably heard the saying, “it takes 21 days to form a habit.” While it doesn’t necessarily always take 21 days to form a habit, there is some merit in this well known statement. Forming new, more positive habits takes time, but they are usually well worth the effort in the end. The best way to create new habits is to create new systems in place that make acting on your intentions simple. Bettering your recycling habits is one of the simplest ways you can leave a more positive impact on the environment and the process of doing so doesn’t have to be so difficult. Follow this advice to start improving your recycling habits today.

Get Clear on Your Why

When things get tough and you’re very busy, it can be tempting to not think twice and toss recyclables into the trash instead. Individuals who are thoughtful and intentional about their recycling habits don’t fall victim to this mentality. Reading up on the impact of not recycling regularly can be sobering for many. The average person in the United States produces 4.4 pounds of trash a day and this is only just the start of a wide array of concerning statistics. Education on this topic can be crucial. The more time you invest in learning why recycling matters, the more likely you will become passionate about recycling and think twice before you throw something out that could have been recycled. Read more about 3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Recycling Efforts.

Create Positive Feedbacks Loops

Incentives work. If you’ve studied psychology, you likely can remember the concept that positive and negative reinforcement can influence our human behavior in significant and meaningful ways. While it might take only a bit more effort to recycle regularly, getting the habit to stick can be a challenge for some. However, if you create an incentive system in which you reward yourself in small ways for recycling consistently throughout the week, this strategy might work well for you. This can mean treating yourself to coffee at your café or allowing yourself to watch your favorite show only after meeting a set recycling objective for the week.

Hold Yourself Accountable and Make It a Team Effort

After educating yourself and perhaps creating a positive reward system, the next step you should take is to recruit other individuals in your organization to join you in your improved recycling efforts. There’s truth behind the saying, “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” and it you are spending time every day around people who aren’t recycling regularly you may subconsciously be picking up on the message that recycling is not of much concern. By making better recycling habits a company goal, you are much more likely to follow through on your intentions and be held accountable for the times when others see you not recycling. Improve the Local Community with Better Recycling Habits.

Better Your Business’s Recycling Efforts with Ever Green Environmental

With over 25 years of experience helping organizations in the North Carolina and South Carolina areas, Ever Green Environmental has the insights and recycling services you need to support a greener tomorrow. We offer e-waste, single stream, and large-scale recycling services that can benefit companies of all sizes throughout our area. To get started improving your business’s recycling habits today, call Ever Green Environmental at 864.230.9800 or fill out our online contact form.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This phrase has been repeated to us consistently since grade school. While it may be a familiar phrase that everyone knows and can repeat, is it truly something that everyone does? How about your own company? Are you reducing your own waste? Are you reusing items when possible? Are you recycling where you can? At Ever Green Environmental, we are your leading Greenville recycling company that wants to help you improve your recycling efforts starting right now! Here are three quick tips from our experts on improving your own recycling efforts within your place of work.

Make the commitment

If you want to see a change in your company, no matter if you are a large corporation or a small two person business, it’s important to make a noticeable commitment. A new recycling bin in the breakroom won’t advertise itself! If you are a large group, let the change start from the top. Get your upper management to commit to reducing their waste and recycling where they can. This can look different for lots of companies. Whether it is implementing simple recycling options in the area or starting a compost collection in a designated zone, your hope is that a positive commitment to change will continually create more positivity.

Take an Assessment of What You are Currently Doing

How do you know where you can improve if you haven’t ever really evaluated where you are doing things wrong? Perhaps it’s choosing a different vendor that carries recyclable materials or packaging. Maybe your problem area happens to be wasting large amounts of paper? Figure out those problem areas and then suggest some solutions. Solutions can be as big or little as switching to electronic records or using a 2-sided copier. As stated before, recycling efforts are meant to be something that can last a lifetime.

Choose Ever Green to Maximize Your Recycling Efforts

While we applaud any effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, sometimes it’s more beneficial to bring in fresh eyes that can turn your place of business into a much more environmentally friendly space. We are known for creating cost effective recycling programs that make it simple for your business and even provide proper tracking for recycled materials. We are so committed to helping you in your recycling efforts, we can even offer a free waste stream analysis which takes inventory of the waste you are generating, how you are handling it and how we can recommend removing it from the negative waste stream.
Utilizing your resources to make simple changes for your company can go a long way. For more tips on improving your recycling efforts, contact Ever Green Environmental today or give us a call at 864.230.9800.

School is back in action and what better ways than learning some tips and tricks to keep school lunches eco-friendly.

Using prepackaged food is extremely easy in a morning rush.

More often than not eating prepackaged food is less healthy and not to mention the footprint it leaves on the environment everyday these items are thrown out filling landfills and the ocean.

Reusable containers.

Instead of using single use sandwich bags invest in some reusable containers and go for trash free lunches. They come in different colors and patterns that make them extremely fun for kids.

Meat and dairy products have a high impact on the environment.

Even though your kids may not realize what that means you will want to get creative when making their lunches. Themes for each day of the week can be exciting, meatless Mondays can be a good starting point. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches are a good standby option, but think ahead and plan for hummus wraps or soups.

It’s okay to be picky, sometimes.

Taking a closer look what is in the meat you are using. Processed meat can be high in sodium and can be harmful to digest. Shopping for organic, antibiotic-free meat and dairy items are a healthier option.

Keep it local.

Buying produce from local producers can help reduce the carbon footprint but more importantly helps the community you live in. Get the kids out and start a family garden with some plants and use them in your meals.

Go with the season.

Crops have seasons and if the particular food you want isn’t in season where you live its more than likely being shipped in from somewhere else. Changing meals with the seasons can also help the kids not get bored with the same meals.

Dirty dozen.

We understand eating all organic isn’t always an option for financial reasons. If so stay away from the “dirty dozen”. This is a group of foods that have more exposure to pesticides. These foods are apples, celery, sweet bell peppers, peaches, strawberries, nectarines, grapes, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, blueberries, and potatoes.

Water bottle.

Packing sodas and juice boxes is an easy way out. Even though most schools offer recycling choosing to use an eco-friendly water bottle is better. Take the kids and pick a water bottle full of personality to match theirs.

Encourage a green thumb.

Getting crafty at home is always a terrific idea and encouraging a green thumb is the best option. Creating a compost pile at home is a great way to demonstrate giving back to the soil. Get the kids involved by encouraging them to bring home the core of their apple and pits of their peaches.

It’s time to leave the kids table behind.

Society has started the idea of “kid food” being less healthy and more processed food than their parents. Being healthy can be fun so let the kids live a healthy life with plenty of greens on their plate.

To learn more about our Greenville recycling services contact the Ever Green Environmental team today at (864) 239-9800 or email.

As a business owner, it has never been more important to recycle. The problem for many organizations is that they do not have the proper education around what items around the workplace are recyclable. If you are in Upstate South Carolina, Charlotte, NC or Western NC, our team at Ever Green Environmental is here to be a recycling resource for your business. Team up with us and consider boosting the recycling options that you have around the office for your employees. Even though your business may only encompass just a small fraction of the people in this area, you can still make a difference by adapting easy recycling practices around the office and starting an office recycling program.

Recycling Items You May Overlook

With your mind so focused on the daily activities of running a business, recycling often gets put on the back burner. The good news about proper recycling is that you can start anytime! Here at Ever Green Environmental, we wanted to make business owners aware of key recycling items around the office that you may overlook. These include:

Breakroom Appliances

Don’t throw away that old microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher or stovetop. Instead, let our team help you properly recycle these items. If they are still working, other businesses may even take them off of your hands.

Used Batteries

What do you do currently with the used batteries around your office? Do you understand the dangers of improperly handling your e-waste recycling? If you’ve been throwing them away, it is time for a change! Let Ever Green Environmental set you up with a specific location for your employees to drop off used batteries. Then, you can make sure that these are properly recycled.

Shipping Boxes

If you are a business owner, chances are that you receive packages nearly every day. Those shipping cardboard boxes that are used to transfer your items can easily be recycled.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Do you have some fluorescent light bulbs that need to be replaced? Let Ever Green Environmental help you properly recycle those fluorescent light bulbs.

Printer Ink

Don’t throw away those used ink/toner cartridges, as they may actually be worth something. Depending on the brand, recycling locations may pay you a small amount of money for these cartridges. We’ll help you with this process.


Envelopes that have the built in plastic can be recycled and made into new plastics.

So, if you run a business in the Upstate South Carolina, Charlotte, NC or Western NC areas, our team at Ever Green Environmental is eager to help enhance your business recycling program. As you can see, there are plenty of items around the office that people don’t realize are recyclable.
To learn more about how we can help strengthen the recycling habits around your office, give us a call today at (864) 230-9800 or email us. We look forward to working with you soon.

Have you ever thought about what happens to all of those old computers, televisions, cell phones, fax machines, printers and other electronics equipment that no longer works and has no financial value? This is commonly known as electronic waste (E-Waste). For the everyday consumers of these products, calling these items dangerous would not make sense. However, if you cracked back the case of these items, there are many metals and chemicals that if not disposed of correctly can become dangerous to humans. Rather than throwing your electronics into your local landfill in Upstate South Carolina, let our dedicated staff at Ever Green Environmental help you properly dispose and recycle your E-Waste.

E-Waste Danger

Have you ever seen the inside of a computer? The Parts That Make Up Every Computer? If not, it is definitely a sight worth seeing. Within computers and other electronics, lots of metals, semimetals and chemical compounds are brought together in order for the item to function. Some of the common metals found in these electronics include nickel, mercury, copper, and small amounts of arsenic. While these metals are not harmful while enclosed within your electronics, they can become harmful if they are broken open and not disposed of properly. Read more about Dangers Of Improperly Handling Your E-Waste Recycling Needs. What happens to these metals if left in a landfill for a long period of time is that they can leak into the earth’s soil. In turn, E-Waste can have a negative effect on our environment and cause diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

Danger of Your Data in the Wrong Hands

Disposing of electronics that house important data like smartphones and hard drives should be done extremely carefully. The last thing you want to do is to turn over these electronics without properly destroying important data and the next thing you know your financial data is in the wrong hands and you’re left having to put your financial life back in order.

How You Can Help

Recycling can become a difficult task to manage on your own when it comes to your E-Waste. Rather than trying to dispose of your old electronics on your own, let our experienced team at Ever Green Environmental handle the E-Waste disposal and recycling of your electronic waste and recycling large electronics. Do your part by reducing the risk of harming our environment through responsible E-Waste disposal! Electronic waste is at an all time high and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon with so much new technology hitting the market. Rather than dropping it off at a landfill, let us take the E-Waste off of your hands. In turn, we’ll attempt to reuse or resell the working parts and properly recycle the rest. We’ll also ensure any data is properly disposed of to protect you from potential harm.
There’s nothing wrong with having a passion for electronics! What you do with your old electronics is what can become dangerous for our environment. If you have some E-Waste in Upstate South Carolina that you need to properly dispose of, your first thought should always be to call Ever Green Environmental. Give us a call today at (864) 230-9800 or email and let us take the E-Waste off of your hands before it ever has a chance of making it to the local landfill.

Myth – Recycling uses more energy than it saves.
Truth – Making products from recycled materials uses, on average, 50% less energy than making them from new materials!

While processing recycled materials certainly requires some energy, it is not true that it uses more energy than it saves.  On average, making products from recycled materials requires approximately 50% less energy than making products from raw materials, and for some products the energy savings are far higher. Turning old aluminum cans into new aluminum products uses 95% less energy than making aluminum from fresh materials!
Don’t forget that while there is quite a bit of energy associated with the recycling process there is also a lot of energy needed to pull raw materials from the ground!
Learn more about our recycling services at Ever Green Environmental by contacting us at 864-230-9800.
Compliments of Perfect Rubber Mulch – 10 Myths About Recycling

“A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.”  John Sawhill

Isn’t that the truth these days? Have you ever looked into your work garbage visibly upset by how many things could be recycled and instead are being thrown in the trash to sit in a landfill and ruin our planet. Sustainability is a growing subject and many companies across the nation, and the world, are beginning to prioritize their own “go green” efforts. Honestly, starting a office recycling program in your office is not that hard. The first step is to make the decision to do it! What’s next? Let Ever Green Environmental help prepare you to start your own office recycling program today!

Figuring Out The Needs

So now that you have decided to take that green plunge, what do you do first? Our recommendation is figuring out what your needs actually are. Take a look at the trashcans. Where are they placed? What exactly is in it? When is it being utilized most? Our easiest recommendation for this is doing an office wide poll or survey to help you gain all the information you need to begin a office recycling program.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

For those new to office recycling, it may be a tad bit overwhelming to see 20 different kinds of recycling bins where just one trash can used to be. That’s why we urge those starting an office recycling program to ease into the process.  Starting with something small, like recycling paper products can help tremendously. Then, as more and more employees begin to understand and utilize the office recycling program, turn it up a notch!

Encouragement is Key!

Who do employees listen to the most? In a general company setting, the boss has the ultimate say. If the boss is doing it, employees should follow suit. The best way to reach others is by motivating them and encouraging them and this should come from the boss and trickle its way down to everyone in the workplace. Another great motivator are signs and information that tells employees where exactly they can recycle! It never hurts to show your employees exactly where recyclables can go!
Training the staff, arranging the disposal, and gradually turning your office into a fully lean, green, recycling machine is an invaluable process that takes time and energy, but is worth every second!
If you are looking for office recycling services to get you started with your office, look no further than Ever Green Environmental. Currently serving upstate South Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Western North Carolina (including Asheville). For more information about starting an office recycling program, call us today at 864-230-9800.

While we wrote previously about the sad news that Best Buy is no longer able to recycle electronics with no charge to its customers (you can read more about that here), not all the news from the electronics industry is bad. Dell, one of the largest electronics manufacturers, has been given the Catalyst award for its use of closed-loop plastics. What does it mean to “close the loop” in regards to electronics recycling? Let’s take a look.

First Off, Plastics.

Global manufacturing of plastics has skyrocketed within the last twenty years. A huge percentage of that growth has been focused primarily around electronics. As developing and developed nations continue to require greater access to connectivity via the use of electronics, more and more new plastic is created to meet the demand.
Think about the plastic shell surrounding your cell phone — now imagine billions of those plastic shells. What happens when cell phones are tossed out with the trash? The plastic doesn’t biodegrade. It simply sits, sometimes for centuries, in with the rest of the trash.
Cell phone recycling programs can be key, but recycling your plastics in general is, too. We always suggest to our clients that they take advantage of cell phone recycling programs. AT&T, Staples, Verizon, and even nonprofit or private programs all support cell phone recycling.
A cell phone isn’t useless just because a newer model’s been released — often, it can easily find its way into a new home with little trouble. Plastic is, generally speaking, eminently recyclable and it’s important to make sure that the plastic casing surrounding your electronics is recycled safely and reused whenever possible. The more recycled plastic is available to reuse in creating new items, the less will need to be manufactured new and the better off the environment will be.

Let’s Talk About What’s Inside.

We’ve mentioned before that the materials used inside of electronics like cell phones, computers, and video game consoles are incredibly toxic — mercury, bromium, cadmium, and even heavy metals all play a part in the complex systems that allow your electronics to function when you need them. These materials are not only toxic after disposal, however.
Miners in developing nations whose job it is to hunt out these rare minerals or those who spend their lives picking apart the discarded electronics of other nations fall ill in huge numbers due to the terrible, polluted air they are forced to breathe. These materials can be safely recycled.
It is absolutely imperative that a greater effort is made to recycle electronics whenever possible, so we can lessen these toxic minerals finding their way into the lungs of miners or even into the soil and groundwater right down your street. The reuse of these minerals will not only help save the health and well-being of the workers currently mining them, it will also help to slow the rate of serious damage being done to the landscape wherever these materials are found.

The Opportunity is There.

We stand at a point in history where record numbers of people understand how important it is to recycle. The main problems that stop them? Habit, access, lack of knowledge, and convenience. For corporations and companies, it’s important to have convenient access to an ewaste recycling company that is able to come to them. That’s where EARecycling comes in.
It’s our mission to help support our clients here in North and South Carolina in creating a greener and greater world through recycling their old and unused electronics. We take just about everything, and we’ll make sure that your data remains secure — whether it’s through wiping your hard drives clean or bringing our Ameri-Shred AMS 150 right to your company’s front door to provide hard drive shredding services. Interested in learning more? Just give us a call! You can reach us at (800) 746-1823 or contact us online at any time to request a pickup.

Rates of recycling in South Carolina are dropping. According to this recent report from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, the overall municipal solid waste (or MSW) recycled in our great state dropped about 13 percent in 2015 when compared to the year before.
We’re disappointed to hear this, especially since the years 2011 through 2014 had contained some significant and consistent increases in recycling rates. What’s causing this drop within the last fiscal year? We have a few reasons recycling seems to be going down overall, and solutions to help SC citizens find a way to lower the amount of waste from the average home making its way into our landfills.
Problem: Local municipalities are dropping items off their recycling programs… or dropping the program entirely. We’ve mentioned before that certain items, like glass, have become more difficult and less cost-effective to reycle. This has led to many municipal recycling programs, such as those in Greenville City and Greater Greenville, to drop glass entirely from the items they will pick up from recycling. As municipal recycling programs narrow their focus and provide fewer services for citizens, this leads to a decrease in recycling rates and an increase in recyclable items tossed in the trash.
Solution: Learn your local dropoff locations. Greenville at least maintains several locations around the county for people to drop off waste like paper products, plastic, and even glass. You can find a list of those locations here (two locations are at the top, but you can scroll to the bottom for more). You may find that the recycling dropoff location closest to you is a convenient stop on your way to or from work.
Problem: Households don’t feel informed about the costs of recycling. The truth is, recycling is never free, even when it is. When recycling first came into the public consciousness, it was generally argued that it would be cost-neutral and essentially pay for itself in increased revenues for the municipalities running these recycling programs. Such profit margins were small even at the beginning and have become razor-thin since. This leads to our citizens being understandably confused as to what exactly they’re paying for, since they have been led to believe that recycling “pays for itself.”
Solution: Local communities should run campaigns to ensure greater knowledge of the programs and what they involve. Greater Greenville’s helpful brochure listing what it accepts and what it cannot accept is a good example of this (you can find the brochure here in .pdf form). It’s important to ensure every citizen has access to information explaining any changes and costs, why those changes and costs are being implemented, and what benefit locals receive in return.
When local people see that their local, county, and state organizations aren’t recycling at high rates, they may feel they are being strong-armed into “doing as we say, not as we do.” It’s hard to commit to recycling in your household, when you might have a small box of recyclable objects per week, only to realize that the state agency you visited last week had dumpsters overflowing with recyclable items that just never made it into a recycling bin. Many local and federal government offices will only push recycling paper or cardboard and do not commit to ensuring that plastics, glass, and other items are recycled as they should be. This is discouraging to citizens, who wonder why they should bother if the government doesn’t.
Solution: Ensure that government agencies, both local and federal, are fully committed to recycling.A small blue bin by the copier or fax machine isn’t enough. It’s imperative that government agencies begin publicly committing to a total recycling program, including glass, plastics, and electronic waste. When large agencies partner with electronic waste recycling companies or are seen to ensure that their recyclables make it into a recycling program instead of the landfill, it will help to inspire people living in that area to follow suit.
You may notice a theme to these suggestions — we are all more likely to embrace recycling when our neighbors, friends, and businesses do so as well. At EARecycling, it’s our passion to help those living around Western North Carolina and South Carolina to embrace recycling their old electronics, and we find it important to bring awareness and information about other forms of recycling as well. If your company or organization is looking to safely and legally recycle old desktops, laptops, fax machines, copiers, or any other electronics you can think of (or even in hard drive shredding services for data security reasons), we’re happy to help! Just give us a call at (800) 746-1823 or click the banner below to request your pickup today.

We often field calls and questions from residential customers around upstate South Carolina, concerned as to where they can recycle their home electronics safely. While we can sometimes provide them with ewaste pickup, many residents want to back out when they hear they’ll have to pay for us to drive out to their home and take things in ourselves. Luckily, if you’re a resident in Greenville County looking for a way to recycle ewastewithout charge, or you have confidential documents and papers you need shredded, Greenville’s Shredding & Ewaste Recycling Day has you covered!
The event is being held on April 23, 2016, so you have plenty of time to take a look around your house and pick up all those old and unwanted electronics cluttering up closets and storage rooms. Old documents, such as receipts or taxes that are past the point of being useful to maintain, can also be shredded during the event, which lasts from 10 am to 1 pm at the TD Convention Center, located just off of North Pleasantburg. While the event is open to residents and business, it’s limited to ten items per person, so area businesses with more electronics should look into partnering with a local ewaste recycling company like Electronic Asset Recycling.
Also available during the event will be compost bins, which the city will sell for $20 per bin, payable by cash or check. Compost bins can help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, as food scraps can be composted and used to provide support to local gardeners (or used as incentive for you to start your own garden at home).
You can learn a bit more about the event, and what kinds of electronics the city is accepting, here on the website for the city of Greenville. It’s worth noting that the city does not provide hard drive shredding services, whether residential or commercial. If you’re looking to ensure total confidentiality of your electronic equipment, we here at EARecycling can shred hard drives for as low as $7 per drive, or less than it costs you to grab lunch afterwards.
Our mission is to provide safe, legal ewaste recycling services for commercial clients throughout South Carolina and Western North Carolina, but helping to support more eco-friendly initiatives within our Greenville community is just as important. We hope this update helps our friends and neighbors to recycle their own household electronics safely and responsibly. If you’re looking for ewaste recycling services,EARecycling is the company to call. We provide a Total Data Destruction Guarantee. You can learn more about partnering with us by clicking the banner below or by giving us a call at (800) 746-1823 at any time.