We’re mostly known for recycling desktop and laptop computers, but that’s not all we work with here at Ever Green Environmental. We accept just about any form of electronics you can think of, including large electronics like TVs or fax machines! We’d like to answer a few of the most common questions we receive about the larger items we recycle.

What counts as ‘large electronics’?

Large electronics include CRT TVs, flat-screen televisions, large copiers or combination copier/fax machines, large-volume printers, and any other large office technology. Wondering what a CRT TV is? Think of the older, heavy televisions. These used to be TVs on the market until they were largely replaced by flat-screen options within the last fifteen years. CRTs (the letters stand for Cathode Ray Tube) are weighty and nearly all electronics manufacturers have discontinued production and service, leaving many CRTs taking up space in closets or storage rooms.

How can I prep my large electronics for recycling?

While nearly all electronics contain toxic materials involved in their construction, CRTs tend to have a greater amount; therefore, it’s very important to be careful while transporting them to a recycling facility. Make sure you don’t drop them, and if there is an incident where the televisions is dropped or cracked, handle with extreme care — wear gloves while sweeping up very small pieces. Drop your CRTs off at an ethical ewaste recycling facility where they can be processed responsibly.

What if my CRT, flat-screen TV, copier, or other piece of large electronics is still usable, but outdated?

At EARecycling, we are huge proponents of reusing if possible and giving back to the community. If your large electronics are still in good working order, contact local charities to see if they would be able to use them. Most CRTs will need to be disposed of regardless, but you may be able to find a new home for your old flat-screen televisions, copiers, fax machines, and other machinery.

Can I get money for my large electronics?

That depends. If your flat-screen TV is newer but you’ve decided to replace it, you may be able to get credit towards a new purchase at a local electronics store. In most cases, however, even at-home televisions will have depreciated in value enough that it will be costly for the recycling company to work with them.

Can you come and pick up my old TVs/copiers/fax machines/etc?

Yes — but you’ll need to pay for pickup. While EARecycling works with residential and commercial clients, when it comes to things like CRT and flat-screen televisions that are more likely to be in a residence than a business, it is usually cheaper for you to bring them to us. We charge for pickups in order to help recoup the costs of recycling. For commercial clients looking to recycle large amounts of a particular type of technology (such as 100 CRTs or fifty flat-screen TVs, for instance), it will be far easier on your business (and your employees) for us to come to you. Schedule hard drive shredding services at the same time and we’ll shred your hard drives on site during your pickup!

Can’t I just toss my TVs out with the trash?

The short answer is no. Televisions fall under recently passed legislation in South Carolina that bans the disposal of televisions and other electronic waste in landfills, due to the long-term damage to soil and groundwater that is likely when the toxic materials inside break down. If you are unable to donate your televisions to a nonprofit agency, it is incredibly important to recycle it safely and responsibly by working with an ewaste recycling company. Business could face fines of thousands of dollars per day if caught illegally throwing out electronics — including TVs.

I need to recycle my TV. Where can I drop it off?

Here, of course! At Electronic Asset Recycling, we work hard to provide total ewaste recycling servicesthat cover more than just a laptop or a cell phone. You can bring in just about any kind of electronics you use for safe recycling. Interested in scheduling a pickup or asking about drop offs? We’d love to hear from you! Just give us a call at (800) 746-1823 or contact us online at any time. While we cannot accept drop offs outside of out Greenville, South Carolina location, we are able to schedule pickups in locations like Asheville, Charlotte, and Charleston. Just contact us and we’ll tell you what your options are throughout WNC and South Carolina.

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