Long before I began my career in the waste industry, I was aware of the simplicity of and reasons for recycling. I was an Eagle Scout, and we were trained to always leave our campsite cleaner than we found it. It makes sense, then, that companies should have that same mantra toward our environment and natural resources. As a longtime resident and now business owner in the Upstate of South Carolina, I’ve always been thankful for the beauty of our region. Nowhere else in the world will you find the views and access to the Blue Ridge Mountains, lakes, our storied downtown, and low cost of living. It’s hard to imagine our mountains littered with waste, or our air full of smog and contaminants.

recycling in south carolina

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It might seem we take our beautiful area for granted. You don’t often hear stories in the local news about our air quality. Sure, in the warmer months of Summer our weather forecasters advise us of air quality alerts. Rarely do those alerts significantly alter our daily life or cause us much concern. However, as an attendee for the recent Ten at the Top Clean Air Upstate seminar, it was shocking to begin to understand the importance of air quality and how we can impact it in our daily lives.

Large cities like Los Angeles must monitor and manage their air quality relentlessly. Look out the window on a flight to LAX and you won’t need to watch the local news or conduct a google search to know the air isn’t the cleanest you’ve breathed. However, did you know it takes, and there has been for quite some time, a concerted effort to maintain the air quality we enjoy in the Upstate? Long gone are the days of ignoring ozone levels or blaming our neighbors Atlanta and Charlotte for drifting smog. We’re sharing the air in the Upstate with over 800,000 vehicles on the road per day, and it was shocking to learn the true impact of air quality on our individual health.

Studies now show that air pollution, and exposure to particulate matter (the tiny particles in the air that make up pollution levels) can cause an inflammatory response. It’s official. If we don’t take care of the environment, our health will suffer. It’s even been proven, based on the inflammatory response, that unhealthy air can cause diabetes. With statistics and knowledge like this, what can we do? What can the business and civic community do?

Simply put, businesses must include sustainability practices and waste reduction in their overall operating strategies. As the organizations employing and shaping our community, it’s up to us to ensure our community remains the desirable and healthy place to live, work and play that it is today. As I sat and listened and learned from the many leaders attending the Clean Air Upstate event, it became evident that we all shared a common goal for our companies. Yes, it feels good to do good. But, where sustainability is concerned, it quickly proves itself as a benefit for both the bottom line and the environment. Having an attitude of conservation and waste reduction is always beneficial to a company’s results, and the people and community it serves.

Recycling is a natural first step in a sustainability strategy, and it’s more impactful than many people realize. After learning the ways in which local companies are reducing their impact on the environment, I became curious exactly how recycling could impact the environment beyond the obvious waste reduction benefits.

Overall waste reduction, and limiting what we ultimately send to landfills, has a significant impact on the air quality in the Upstate. According to the EPA, landfills are the third largest source of human-related methane emissions in the US. As we are well aware, methane is a highly potent green-house gas, often times more than 30% more hazardous in its contribution to global warming than CO2.

Those are scary statistics. There is something we can all do. It may sound so simple, but it all starts with recycling.

I think we can all agree, waste reduction and sustainability are good for companies, good for our community, and good for the environment. Yet, the big question is how. Sustainability is a word many of us considered a buzz word not too long ago. As evidenced by the companies in attendance at the Clean Air Upstate event, it’s not difficult to take steps and implement programs that reduce our impact on the environment and improve our profitability. It can be as simple as a commitment to recycle office waste or reduce idle time of delivery trucks. We can all start small and see a big impact, resulting in our beautiful community of Greenville remaining the desirable and healthy place it is to live and work today.

In our little corner of the world, otherwise known as South Carolina, it’s hard to fathom the changes taking place globally due to population growth and our society’s demand for resources. If you’re brave enough to open the newspaper or listen in during your morning coffee you’ll learn some startling facts. Population estimates paint a grim picture. It’s possible we’ll see global population grow to over 9.6 billion people by the year 2050, which could require the equivalent of three of our planets to accommodate the estimated need for resources.Recycling In South Carolina

Wait, what? Most of us cannot even fathom almost ten billion people, much less the estimate of the resources required to support them. It’s easy to hear those numbers, dismiss them as too massive to comprehend, and resign ourselves to the fact that we’ll deal with it when it arrives. However, what if there were a way to save the world, from your desk in South Carolina. There is, and that’s where Evergreen Environmental comes in. We make it easy to implement and maintain a recycling program at your company.

It may seem simplistic to quote scary population growth numbers and resource estimates and then follow it up with a very simple solution. However, it really is that simple. Many of the resource challenges we face today and in the future can be solved if we are simply strategic and accountable for the resources we currently have today. Modern recycling can turn most corporate waste into a renewed material or product that can be used again. Some materials and products can be recycled and renewed indefinitely. For those of us for whom recycling isn’t a daily practice or part of our normal routine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy it is to recycle with Evergreen Environmental. We process all of your single stream recyclables and there is no sorting required. Single stream recycling means all the items that are normally recyclable, like paper, plastic, and aluminum, and no sorting means you just drop it all in one bin and we do the rest. Businesses in South Carolina will be even more pleased to learn we’ll handle your electronics recycling as well and keep you compliant with State laws.

Yes, our population is growing at a rate that is producing immense resource challenges.  Yes, you can do your part to save the world with one phone call. Call Evergreen Environmental and allow us to build a corporate recycling program that will allow your company to reduce its impact on the environment by reducing your office waste through recycling. We’ll design a program that works for your company and make it as easy as possible to maintain. We’ve been dedicated to helping businesses reduce their impact on the environment with corporate e-waste and single-stream recycling programs for over twenty-five years. We are family owned and proud to serve companies in Greenville, Columbia, and the Grand Strand areas of South Carolina.

Be a hero. Pick up the phone and contact the team at Evergreen Environmental to learn how we can help you save the world, one recycling bin at a time.

Myth #1: A single person can’t make much of a difference recycling.

The reality is that just one person can truly make a difference when he or she recycles regularly. According to environmental researchers, the average American uses 7 trees a year in paper and other products produced from trees. Plus, if you recycle consistently, you can save 25,000 cans in your lifetime from going into a landfill. Thinking twice before you throw something out can really compound the benefits of recycling over the long term.

Myth #2: It takes a long time for recycled materials to be processed and turned into new products.

Recycling efforts have become a focal point for local communities today to reduce our carbon footprint. Recycling organizations are committed to process improvement and decreasing turnaround times for materials as much as possible. Today, a recycled aluminum can finds its way back on the store shelf in as little as 60 days.

Myth #3: There’s no need to recycle biodegradable products.

Just because something is biodegradable doesn’t mean you should automatically throw it in the trash. Even biodegradable materials emit greenhouse gases while decomposing in our landfills. Your best bet is to always recycle or compost biodegradables.

Myth #4: Recycling efforts result in little impact overall.

Recycling impacts both our economy and environment in meaningful ways every day. Recycling decreases toxic pollution, saves our ecosystems, conserves finite natural resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling also creates jobs, supports local governments with billions in taxes, and reduces the expenses associated with trash disposal. In the United States alone, recycling supports 757,000 American jobs.

Myth #5: You can’t recycle old electronics, and if you can, the process isn’t easy.

Recycling electronics in our digital world is easier than ever and doing so is crucial for our environment. Old, broken, and unusable electronics can leech incredibly toxic compounds into our groundwater sources while decaying in landfills and present serious environmental hazards for plants and wildlife. While you can’t throw your old electronics into your plastics recycling collection, you can easily have them collected by Ever Green Environmental or drop them off at a local electronics retailer such as Best Buy or Staples.

Support a Better Tomorrow with Ever Green Environmental

Unless your organization produces zero waste, there’s always room for improvement. With Ever Green Environmental, making sustainable, eco-friendly changes are easy. We offer a wide variety of services for organization of all sizes, including single stream recycling and e-waste recycling. We have over 25 years of experience serving businesses of all types in the North Carolina and South Carolina areas. To find out how we can assist your organization in becoming more environmentally-friendly, contact us now at 864.230.9800 or use our online contact form.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “it takes 21 days to form a habit.” While it doesn’t necessarily always take 21 days to form a habit, there is some merit in this well known statement. Forming new, more positive habits takes time, but they are usually well worth the effort in the end. The best way to create new habits is to create new systems in place that make acting on your intentions simple. Bettering your recycling habits is one of the simplest ways you can leave a more positive impact on the environment and the process of doing so doesn’t have to be so difficult. Follow this advice to start improving your recycling habits today.

Get Clear on Your Why

When things get tough and you’re very busy, it can be tempting to not think twice and toss recyclables into the trash instead. Individuals who are thoughtful and intentional about their recycling habits don’t fall victim to this mentality. Reading up on the impact of not recycling regularly can be sobering for many. The average person in the United States produces 4.4 pounds of trash a day and this is only just the start of a wide array of concerning statistics. Education on this topic can be crucial. The more time you invest in learning why recycling matters, the more likely you will become passionate about recycling and think twice before you throw something out that could have been recycled. Read more about 3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Recycling Efforts.

Create Positive Feedbacks Loops

Incentives work. If you’ve studied psychology, you likely can remember the concept that positive and negative reinforcement can influence our human behavior in significant and meaningful ways. While it might take only a bit more effort to recycle regularly, getting the habit to stick can be a challenge for some. However, if you create an incentive system in which you reward yourself in small ways for recycling consistently throughout the week, this strategy might work well for you. This can mean treating yourself to coffee at your café or allowing yourself to watch your favorite show only after meeting a set recycling objective for the week.

Hold Yourself Accountable and Make It a Team Effort

After educating yourself and perhaps creating a positive reward system, the next step you should take is to recruit other individuals in your organization to join you in your improved recycling efforts. There’s truth behind the saying, “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” and it you are spending time every day around people who aren’t recycling regularly you may subconsciously be picking up on the message that recycling is not of much concern. By making better recycling habits a company goal, you are much more likely to follow through on your intentions and be held accountable for the times when others see you not recycling. Improve the Local Community with Better Recycling Habits.

Better Your Business’s Recycling Efforts with Ever Green Environmental

With over 25 years of experience helping organizations in the North Carolina and South Carolina areas, Ever Green Environmental has the insights and recycling services you need to support a greener tomorrow. We offer e-waste, single stream, and large-scale recycling services that can benefit companies of all sizes throughout our area. To get started improving your business’s recycling habits today, call Ever Green Environmental at 864.230.9800 or fill out our online contact form.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This phrase has been repeated to us consistently since grade school. While it may be a familiar phrase that everyone knows and can repeat, is it truly something that everyone does? How about your own company? Are you reducing your own waste? Are you reusing items when possible? Are you recycling where you can? At Ever Green Environmental, we are your leading Greenville recycling company that wants to help you improve your recycling efforts starting right now! Here are three quick tips from our experts on improving your own recycling efforts within your place of work.

Make the commitment

If you want to see a change in your company, no matter if you are a large corporation or a small two person business, it’s important to make a noticeable commitment. A new recycling bin in the breakroom won’t advertise itself! If you are a large group, let the change start from the top. Get your upper management to commit to reducing their waste and recycling where they can. This can look different for lots of companies. Whether it is implementing simple recycling options in the area or starting a compost collection in a designated zone, your hope is that a positive commitment to change will continually create more positivity.

Take an Assessment of What You are Currently Doing

How do you know where you can improve if you haven’t ever really evaluated where you are doing things wrong? Perhaps it’s choosing a different vendor that carries recyclable materials or packaging. Maybe your problem area happens to be wasting large amounts of paper? Figure out those problem areas and then suggest some solutions. Solutions can be as big or little as switching to electronic records or using a 2-sided copier. As stated before, recycling efforts are meant to be something that can last a lifetime.

Choose Ever Green to Maximize Your Recycling Efforts

While we applaud any effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, sometimes it’s more beneficial to bring in fresh eyes that can turn your place of business into a much more environmentally friendly space. We are known for creating cost effective recycling programs that make it simple for your business and even provide proper tracking for recycled materials. We are so committed to helping you in your recycling efforts, we can even offer a free waste stream analysis which takes inventory of the waste you are generating, how you are handling it and how we can recommend removing it from the negative waste stream.
Utilizing your resources to make simple changes for your company can go a long way. For more tips on improving your recycling efforts, contact Ever Green Environmental today or give us a call at 864.230.9800.

As a business owner, your local community relies on you to provide a service in your particular area of expertise. So, it is only right for your company to do its part in partaking in better recycling habits so that you can help improve the local community. Everyone knows that paper and plastic should always be recycled, but there is definitely more to recycling than just those simple basics. That is where our team at Ever Green Environmental is here to help. Our crew helps companies in Upstate South Carolina, Western NC & Charlotte, NC with incorporating better recycling habits across their entire businesses.

Easy to Understand Labels

This recycling habit is pretty obvious, but the signage around your recycling containers should be simple and easy to read. Your employees don’t want to spend time trying to determine which container to use when recycling. Our team will provide you with a variety of container sizes for your office. From there, the labels will help differentiate between different types of plastics and will provide important instructions such as taking off lids. To make the recycling process even easier for your employees, we offer Ever Green Environmental Training. During this training, our staff will provide useful training around recycling so that your employees will know what to recycle, and how to go about doing it.

Go Green Electronically

Don’t forget about all of those old electronics that you have around your office. Electronic waste is continuing to grow year after year, so it is important for you to dispose of your electronics appropriately and understand the importance of electronics recycling. This will help reduce the amount of waste building up at your local community landfill. By partnering with our team at Ever Green Environmental, we can recycle electronic items around your office such as televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, VCR’s, phones, etc. From there, we’ll reuse or resell any functioning electronics and will recycle the rest.

Get a Waste Stream Analysis from Ever Green Environmental

If you are not sure how much recycled material your business utilizes and generates, it is time to let our recycling experts at Ever Green Environmental provide a free waste stream analysis. This will determine what is recyclable and how you are currently handling these items. We will provide you with better recycling habits that aim to reduce the amount of items left in the waste stream.
It is important for your business to do its part in improving your local community. One great way to do so is to commit to better recycling habits around the office. All you need to do is pick up the phone and contact our dedicated staff at Ever Green Environmental and we’ll help you implement and manage your company’s recycling efforts. Give us a call today at (864) 230-9800.

Most people know that recycling daily is important for supporting a better environment, but you might not realize just how crucial of a role recycling plays in our society. In conserving our finite natural resources, recycling is one of the best things we can do on a daily basis to make a substantial environmental impact in the long term.

Reduces Waste Collecting in Landfills

In 2014 alone, Americans contributed 136,000,000 tons of waste to our already overflowing landfills. With non-biodegradable products like plastic ending up in these landfills, many of these items will be sitting there for centuries – slowly emitting harmful gases. Over 60% of those million tons, the EPA estimates could have been easily recycled instead.

Conserves Finite Natural Resources

Research shows that 94% of the natural resources used throughout the United States are non-renewable. If the rate at which we are using these resources continues, eventually they will run out for future generations. Preserving these resources and preventing them from being thrown away to our landfills is critical to the needs of future generations. Water, trees, and oil are only just the beginning of the vital resources recycling helps preserve.

Saves the Earth’s Ecosystems

With paper production accounting for 40% of our use of timber, deforestation that could have been prevented is worth paying attention to. Instead of utilizing recycled materials to manufacture this paper, cutting downs millions of trees is destroying habits for wildlife worldwide. 25 million trees in America could be saved every year if we recycled a mere one-tenths of our newspapers.

Decreases Toxic Pollution

Land, air, and water pollution can all be avoided by recycling. Recycling reduces the manufacturing of fresh materials and avoids incineration – which both are the causes of a substantial pollution in our society today. Research has shown that recycling paper can cut air pollutants by 75%, while recycling steel can reduce air and water pollution by 85% and 76% respectively.

Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to the EPA, approximately 42% of the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions are the result of production, transportation, and disposal of goods being powered by fossil fuels. Recycling greatly cuts down on energy expenditures in these processes to result in less carbon dioxide going into our atmosphere every year. Recycling and composting contribute to a reduction of 181,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Leave a More Positive Impact on the Environment: Upgrade Your Recycling Efforts

At Ever Green Environmental, we have been helping businesses in the North Carolina and South Carolina area for over 25 years better their business’ practices and help leave a more beneficial impact on the environment. Companies of all sizes find that they are able to substantially reduce the amount of waste they send to landfills with Ever Green Environmental. By reducing our waste, we are ensuring that our local communities will retain their beauty for centuries to come. Contact us today at 864.230.9800 or use our online contact form to find out how your business can better manage the amount of trash that makes its way into our local landfills through a commercial recycling program.

E-Waste Greenville Recycling

With the number of electronics purchased every year exceeding over 1.5 billion, how we choose to discard our old electronics is increasingly important. Electronics recycling is incredibly important for a wide variety of reasons as the number of electronics in our world only continues to grow. Most of our technology can and should be recycled. E-waste is a global problem that we as individuals need to address starting today and learning more about 12 interesting facts about e-waste.

Why Electronics Recycling Matters So Much
Saves Space in Our Landfills

With the volume and sheer amount of garbage we dispose of as a society, our landfill space is running out. Approximately 200,000,000 tons of e-waste is ending up in landfills in the U.S. annually. Recycling old electronics conserves space in our landfills. Learn more about Dangers of Electronics Waste.

Protects the Environment & Wildlife

Many of our common electronics contain toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury that are incredibly harmful to our environment and wildlife. Improper disposal of electronics can cause these toxic compounds to leech into our soil and groundwater. These toxins can then make their way into the bodies of our plants and animals, and cause severe harm to these creatures. Recycling one computer monitor alone can prevent 4 to 8 pounds of lead and other toxic chemicals from ending up in nature.

Conserve Natural Resources

In a world full of finite natural resources, it’s crucial that we work to conserve our resources so that generations to come will still be able to benefit from these precious materials. Many electronic devices today contain small amounts of gold, silver, and other precious metals that really add up over time when society collectively chooses to recycle their electronics. In addition to this, recycling also saves on many other manufacturing and energy costs that go into creating electronics’ products in the future.

Gives Back to the Community and Creates Jobs

Effective recycling measures creates more jobs in our society than alternative choices and boosts the local economy. Learn more about The Economic Benefits of Recycling. Additionally, choosing to donate your old electronics, rather than throwing them out can be beneficial to others within the local community. There are always schools and individuals within your community who would greatly appreciate ready-to-use or refurbished equipment.

Work with Ever Green Environmental to Better Your Recycling Efforts

At Ever Green Environmental, we’ve been helping organizations in the South and North Carolina area improve their recycling efforts for over 25 years. We understand the importance of electronics recycling for the protection of our environment as well as for creating a better future for our children. If you would like to better your electronics recycling efforts, feel free to call us today at 864.230.9800 or use our online contact form.

E Waste | Electronic Recycling in South Carolin

Although nearly 100% of e-waste is recyclable, unfortunately most of the e-waste produced globally is not recycled. Proper e-waste recycling recovers many nonrenewable resources and prevents thousands of toxic chemicals from seeping into our soil and water. Substances such as lead, cadmium, and mercury found in e-waste are extremely hazardous to our health; they can cause severe damage to our organs and promote the development of cancer. In many developing countries, children are suffering the most from the impact of improper recycling measures. With the number of electronics purchased every year topping over 1.5 billion already, the issues of improper e-waste disposal will only grow worse as the number of electronics purchased continues to increase.

12 Facts Worth Considering about E-Waste.
  1. It is estimated that around 41.8 million tons of e-waste was produced worldwide in 2014. It is estimated that this figure will grow to 49.8 million tons by 2018.
  2. According to research studies from the United Nations, just 16% of the total e-waste produced in 2014 around the world was recycled. This figure ranges to be at best 20% today.
  3. With millions upon millions ending up in landfills, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates we recycle only 8% of our cell phones, 17% of TVs, and 38% of computers.
  4. According to the EPA, if we recycled one million of these cell phones instead, we can recover over 20,000 pounds of copper, 550 pounds of silver, 20 pounds of palladium, and 50 pounds of gold.
  5. Every year, Americans throw out around $60 million worth of silver and gold by sending their phones to the landfill.
  6. Approximately 20-50 million metric tons of e-waste are ending up annually in landfills and improper disposal places.
  7. Old TV’s poorly disposed of can cause leaching of lead into our soil and groundwater. Each TV can contain 4-8 pounds of lead – adding up substantially in its environmental impact internationally.
  8. To manufacture one computer and monitor, 530 pounds of fossil fuel, 48 pounds of chemicals, and 1.5 tons of water are needed.
  9. Estimates show that about 40% of all the heavy metals in our landfills in the United States come from e-waste.
  10. Research from the EPA demonstrates that around 350,000 mobile phones are thrown out daily. This adds up to roughly 152 million annually.
  11. The United Nations approximates that global e-waste has increased as much as 33% in the last 4 years.
  12. While e-waste takes up 2% of the space in American landfills, it produces 70% of our society’s overall toxic waste.
Take Action and Implement the Most Effective E-Waste Recycling Measures

Not all e-waste recyclers operating within the community are the same. There are safer and more environmentally-beneficial ways of recycling e-waste. At Ever Green Environmental, we understand the importance of taking all the proper precautions and steps for recycling e-waste. Read more about Why Data Destruction is Critical When Recycling Electronics. As a trusted family-owned and operated organization in the North and South Carolina area, you know that your electronics are in good hands with us. We have been green leaders for over 25 years helping companies of all sizes substantially reduce the amount of waste they send away to landfills.
Reach out to us today to find out how we can improve your e-waste recycling efforts. Call us at 864.230.9800 or fill out our online contact form today.

Not only is recycling a wonderful way to positively impact the environment, it also supports the local and national economy. Each year alone, recycling generates $200 billion in the United States’ economy. As the global population and international economies only continue to grow, the demand for finite natural resources will only intensify. With globalization and increased competition, the need for our local economies to become more productive and less reliant on finite resources becomes all the more important. Fortunately, recycling efforts help support economic prosperity and provide one solution to a resource-confined future.

Job Creation

According to the EPA, recycling accounts for 757,000 jobs and $36.6 billion in wages across America. This makes green jobs essential to our economy and fundamental to supporting hundreds of thousands of families throughout the nation. The industry offers excellent opportunities for middle-income workers and individuals with limited education.

Supports Local Government to Fund the Most Important Needs within Your Community

The EPA’s 2016 Recycling Economic Information (REI) Report found that recycling generated $6.7 billion in local and state tax revenues in 2007 – with data suggesting these numbers will continue to climb in the future. $6.7 billion is a substantial amount of money for the government to reinvest in welfare programs, the educational system, infrastructure, and other important needs within the local community.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Recycling significantly reduces energy consumption. One ton of mixed paper recycled is the equivalent of saving 165 gallons of gasoline in terms of carbon dioxide reduction. After all, one aluminum can alone can produce enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours if reused and recycled.

Reduces the Costs Associated with Trash Disposal

The process of recycling is less expensive than disposing of trash in society and companies can save real money with recycling. The movement, organization, and combustion of trash adds up. Meanwhile, purchasing re-manufactured goods from recycled materials saves businesses and consumers money; many products made from recycled materials require less energy overall to produce.

Support the Community and a Better Tomorrow: Increase Your Recycling Efforts

The more you recycle locally, the more you are helping the local economy and a better future for all. Ethically, logically, financially, increasing recycling efforts within your organization and at home only makes sense. As a family-owned and operated organization committed to helping North and South Carolina businesses better their recycling efforts, Ever Green Environmental has been leading the way to a greener future for decades. If you would like to learn more about how Ever Green Environmental can innovate your company’s recycling processes, contact us today at 864.230.9800 or fill out our online contact form.