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While many people are making strides to live a greener lifestyle and reduce the size of their carbon footprint on the planet, South Carolina is taking things a step further. Not only is the state reducing its carbon footprint in general, but actually multiplying the economic impact of recycling through business recycling programs and individual efforts. It’s not just about reducing the impact on the planet, but using things like electronic waste to create jobs and enhance the economic standing of the state in general. Take a look at some of the numbers.
Growing Industry
In 2006, recycling in South Carolina was a $6.5 billion industry. In 2013, those numbers doubled so that it was a $13 billion industry and there is no sign of that industry slowing down. If anything, there are plans to develop it even further. Of course, the rapid development of new technology helps since individuals and businesses are constantly updating what they have and getting rid of their old systems. In fact, 64% of the respondents interviewed asserted that they had every intention of future expansion.
Individual Benefits
When it comes to individuals, there are plenty of benefits. For one thing, this industry contributed $329 million in state and local taxes, an amount that can reduce the burden on individual taxpayers while still allowing for expansion and development within the state. On top of the tax dollars, the recycling industry has almost doubled the jobs it created with 54,123 jobs by 2013, almost 50% more than there were in 2006.
The benefits don’t end there. The entire premise of capitalism is that the more people make, the more they will spend. That means that this particular industry actually creates its own growth by affording individuals the buying power to continuously upgrade their technology. Each individual is estimated to contribute 600 lb. a year to the recycling industry already. However, with increased employment options, that number may increase as well, especially since there is such a push today to reuse and recycle items.
In an economy that has been struggling, South Carolina has found a way to not just survive, but thrive. From electronic waste to paper products, recycling has become an industry to be recognized. If you are interested in learning more about recycling or have a need to find a business to help you recycle your products or waste, contact Ever-Green Recycling today to learn about your recycling options.
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Silver mesh office wastebasket full of paper trash, isolated on white

In a business office, filling wastebaskets with garbage happens without a second thought. If your building has a cleaning service, you may not even see the wastebaskets being emptied. But the trash produced by businesses, even small businesses, dwarfs the residential and individual levels of waste production. Here are some easy ways to responsibly manage and reduce waste in your small business.
Reuse on a small scale
One of the biggest waste products of businesses is paper. Consider reusing or creatively using paper in some of the following ways:
–       Use both sides of a sheet of paper. This could mean printing a new document on the back of an old one, or even using double-sided printing as your default.
–       Compile a “scratch paper file” of old envelopes, memos, and other pieces of paper that have served their purpose but still have writing space on them. Use these for taking notes or making lists.
–       Use all the pages in legal or writing pads, front and back, before starting a new pad.
–       Go paperless whenever possible. Email, PDFs and even Google Chat can allow office communication and document review without using paper at all.
Aside from paper, your business can save both waste and money by refilling printer cartridges and repairing electronics rather than buying new ones.
Do a waste audit
Not sure how much you waste or how to cut it down? There are companies that will audit your waste production, or you can do it yourself online. This audit will not only evaluate your areas of greatest waste, but will also suggest convenient ways to reduce that waste without impacting your overhead or interrupting your operations.
Join a local recycling program
If you’re a small business, chances are your biggest footprint is in your local area. Participating in a local recycling program, or engaging with a local recycling company like Ever Green Recycling, will help cement your business’ reputation for local responsibility while reducing its overall waste production. Companies like Ever Green offer single-stream recycling, so your employees will not need to take time away from their daily tasks to separate recyclables before they get picked up. Ever Green Recycling will work just like the cleaning service mentioned above, and take care of all your recycling needs without any worry or hassle on your part.
For more information on how Ever Green Recycling can help your small business reduce waste, call us at 864-230-8900. We look forward to working with you!

Have you ever stopped to think if your business may be throwing away all sorts of waste that could be recycled? In this week’s blog we’ll showcase a few areas where you may be able to reduce the amount of waste that is going into area landfills while also saving you money at the same time.
Below are a few of the common areas where businesses are throwing away a large amount of waste that could actually be recycled.
Almost every business goes through large amounts of paper over the course of any given week or month. Even with the advances in email and Internet communications, businesses still generate a large amount of waste in the form of paper. Why not focus on going paperless in 2015 using cloud based technologies as well as recycling what paper you do generate?
Electronic Waste_22575493_xsChances are you have a large amount of old electronics taking up valuable space inside your office or storage areas. Why not get rid of that electronic waste so that you can put all of that storage space to good use? By partnering with Ever-Green Recycling we can accept all types of electronics and will properly dispose of it to ensure that nothing ends up in our local landfill.
Bio-Medical Waste
If you are a medical facility, you likely have to deal with the proper disposal of your bio-medical waste. Unlike many other providers, we only charge you for the boxes that you use. We do not require long-term commitments and require no minimums. Contact us today to be setup on a route service to handle all of your bio-medical waste.
No Need To Separate Recyclables With Single Stream Recycling
One of the reasons that many businesses are reluctant to signup for recycling services is the need to separate all of their paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and cardboard. With Ever-Green Recycling we offer single stream recycling where you place all of your recyclables in one container and we do the sorting for you at our Spartanburg recycling facility.
Need More Information on our Business Recycling Programs?
If you’re looking for more information about our business recycling programs, give us a call today at 864-230-9800. We’ll be happy to come out to your office to show you how we can make your company Ever Green through our business recycling programs.

Old-Computers_27500361_xsAre you tired of the winter weather yet? We’ve seen our fair share of winter weather this year and most people are chomping at the bit for Spring to be here. If you’re looking for ways to get ready for warmer temperatures, a little Spring cleaning can go a long way in terms of making you feel much better. One area in particular that could likely use some Spring cleaning in your home or office is getting rid of all of your old electronics.
Get Rid of Old Electronics
Why are you hanging on to that 10 year old laptop or that old 8 track player? Let’s be honest, these old electronics are just gathering dust and are likely to never really be worth anything. Today’s electronics are literally changing by the minute and there is little that can be gained by keeping your old outdated electronics around. So why not go through your home or office this month and pull together all of your old electronics to get rid of?
Don’t Throw Your Electronics In The Garbage – RECYCLE!
You may be tempted to throw your old electronics in the garbage, but this is a big mistake. A few of the reasons why you shouldn’t throw your electronics in the trash include:

  • Sensitive Data – By throwing your old electronics in the garbage you are giving thieves a chance to access personal information that could result in identity theft or financial fraud. Most electronic waste companies offer services that will completely erase any personal information before the equipment is recycled or reused.
  • Environmental Impact – Have you taken anything to the Spartanburg dump as of late? If so, you likely have seen the mounds of trash that our community throws out each and everyday. Why contribute to this wastefulness? By partnering with an electronic waste company you can ensure that your old electronics will not end up in the landfill.

Need Someone to Handle Your Electronic Waste?
If you’re looking for someone to get rid of your electronics waste, look no further than Spartanburg’s own, Ever-Green Recycling. We offer a variety of recycling services that will get rid of your electronics without having them end up in the local dump. We’re committed to making the Spartanburg and surrounding areas more beautiful, so why not do your part by properly disposing of your electronics? For more information about our business recycling programs or electronic waste give us a call today at 864-230-9800.

Green-Is-BlackYou’ve decided you want to reduce waste, increase efficiency, save money and protect the environment. Going green just makes good business sense. Here are some steps you can take to build stronger business recycling programs.
Start with Planning

  • Get management involved. If management realizes the benefits, particularly the financial gains, the recycling effort will gain more traction.
  • Take inventory of the trash and potential items for recycling. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 90% of solid waste can be recycled.
  • Identify an employee who can take charge of the program by researching best practices, coordinating the program and keeping others informed about the recycling efforts.

Set Up Your Program

  • Learn what items can be recycled and the proper way to recycle them. This is especially important when electronics are part of the recycling process.
  • Set up recycling bins in central areas with convenient access.
  • Take it a step further and place a recycling bin next to every trashcan.
  • Clearly label recycle bins with instructions.
  • Start small to ingrain the habit and then expand your efforts to include more items for recycling.
  • Train ALL your employees about how to use the program and regularly encourage participation.
  • Track your recycling efforts and communicate successes to your employees. If your employees are recognized for their recycling, they will be more inclined to continue participating.

Expand Your Program by Conserving

  • Use double-sided printing and copying to save paper.
  • Keep records electronically rather than printing them when possible.
  • Use washable utensils and dishes in break rooms.
  • Buy supplies in bulk.
  • Buy recycled supplies.
  • Donate used items such as electronics rather than trashing them.

Find a Recycling Service Provider

  • Ask what materials are collected and how they should be sorted.
  • Find out if containers are provided.
  • Find out whether your business has to be a certain size to be considered for service.
  • Ask if they will provide training.

Contact Ever-Green Recycling
At Ever-Green Recycling, we don’t care if you are a large corporation or a small office. We customize our business recycling programs to meet your needs. We’ll provide training so your employees will know what and how to recycle and we have a variety of container options to tailor our services to your unique office needs. We are committed to helping you and the entire Upstate South Carolina area be as environmentally conscious as possible.
For more information about our business recycling programs, call us today at 864-230-9800 to discuss your options for going green in your office.

Reduce • Reuse • RecycleMore and more companies are realizing the impact they have on the environment and are therefore increasing efforts to conserve and recycle. How do you go about doing that in your company?
Recycling Programs Start with the Employees
According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), about 90% of the solid waste at work can be recycled. Your employees are the ones creating most of that waste, so getting them on-board with your business recycling program is essential. The easiest way to do that is to start small with just a few items. That way the habit is established without overwhelming your employees.
The very first thing to do is to contact a recycling center to find out exactly what and what cannot be recycled. Once you have this determined, starting with paper products is a good idea, since so much of an office’s waste comes from paper. At the printer and copy machines, set up a separate bin for placing paper waste into for recycling. Once it becomes a habit, the recycling idea can be expanded to other items, such as aluminum cans, plastics and then to larger items such as ink cartridges, computers and electronic equipment.
Place recycling bins in central, easily accessible areas to encourage use. Regularly communicate with employees about the many advantages of recycling in the workplace. Make sure you practice what you preach as well. Studies have shown that employees are more receptive to recycling when upper management takes part in the process. You might even offer incentives for your employees to recycle.
Recycling Produces Revenue and Goodwill
Recycling can be a revenue source. Some companies will offer discounts or rebates for recycling computers and other electronics. Instead of throwing electronics away, consider donating them to charities that will refurbish them and keep them in service.
Reduce Waste With Business Recycling Programs
An added benefit of starting a recycling program is that you are able to clearly see how much waste there is in your office. Recycling and reducing waste go hand in hand as a way to save on costs associated with running a business.
When You are Ready to Recycle, Call Ever-Green Recycling
Whether your business is large or small, Ever-Green Recycling can custom design a solution for your company. We provide commercial and business recycling for the entire upstate South Carolina area and would be honored to work with you to develop a recycling program for your business.
To get the ball rolling on your recycling program, call us today at 864-230-9800 and we’ll be glad to setup a time to visit your business to determine the most optimal solution for reducing and recycling waste in your office. Many of our clients have seen a significant reduction in waste costs after implementing a commercial recycling program.

E-Waste – Preparing for an Electronic Upgrade?
In this technologically-driven digital age, consumers typically don’t have to think twice about buying the latest upgraded version of their electronic devices. It seems that electronics are constantly and quickly being upgraded and changed. And as we rely on our electronic devices more and more, the prices of these products are being driven down by great demand, thus allowing consumers to replace their devices more often than sometimes necessary.
Old-Computers_27500361_xsAs your electronic devices have reached or are heading toward the end of their useful lives, and the time to upgrade is nearing, your responsibility is to ensure that your old devices, a.k.a. electronic waste are properly recycled.
Did you ever think besides the more obvious culprits like computers, televisions, copiers and cell phones, that refrigerators and even electric toothbrushes are considered e-waste? Many people don’t realize that many electronics can contain several toxic substances. For example, most flat panel displays contain significant amounts of mercury. And many other electronic products contain lead, arsenic and flame retardants that when dumped in a landfill, can contaminate the ground, water and air. When you calculate the bulk amounts of e-waste generated by business organizations who are upgrading their computer systems and other business electronics, then you can imagine the impact those toxins are having on our planet.
So What Should You Do With Your Outdated Electronics?
When you are replacing electronics, your first action should be to attempt to repair or reuse those items. Donating to someone who will reuse your electronics will keep those electronics in circulation and help reduce the amount of e-waste created. But once your device is beyond repair or reuse, proper recycling is necessary. When organizations are looking for business recycling programs to properly dispose of computers and other electronics, responsible recycling is the best way for you to do your part in saving the planet.
How Ever-Green Recycling Can Help
Ever-Green Recycling offers responsible and convenient business recycling programs that include large volume recycling and pickup service. We accept mixed loads of electronics so that your business won’t have to waste time sorting through and categorizing waste. Our convenient electronics recycling program will separate and deliver your e-waste to our partners where they are broken down into components, then recycled. We provide certificates of recycling once all materials are processed.
Ever-Green Recycling provides commercial recycling in Greenville, commercial recycling in Spartanburg, and business recycling in Spartanburg. Contact us today to discuss how we can work with you to do our part to save the environment.

Most Greenville residents may not realize that disposing of monitors, televisions, computers and printers in either a recycling or trash container is against the law. This is a relatively new law, but one which the City of Greenville is beginning to enforce throughout the area.
City of Greenville Holds Two Annual Electronics Recycling Days
Each year, the City of Greenville holds two electronics recycling days where residents can drop off all types of electronics for recycling.

There is no cost for Greenville residents to drop off electronics during one of these electronics recycling days. If one of the recycling days has already passed, feel free to drop off your electronics at any Greenville recycling center. Greenville provides seven recycling centers in the area, where you can drop off your electronics at any time.
Ever-Green Recycling Offers Electronics Recycling for Businesses
At Ever-Green Recycling, we have been offering electronics recycling for businesses in the entire Upstate area and are excited to see the city offering more options for consumers to recycle their used and outdated electronics. EGR offers full-service pickup for all non-hazardous Universal Waste and Electronics. This includes all computer equipment as well as light bulbs, ballasts and batteries. If you are a business in the Greenville area, looking for a way to get rid of your electronics, give Ever-Green Recycling a call today at 864-230-9800. We serve the entire Upstate area and would be honored to partner with you for any of your commercial recycling needs.
Source: City of Greenville

Does Recycling Really Have a Financial Impact in South Carolina?
If you want to know more about recycling or the true impact of it, you came to the right place. Many people only see the impact recycling has on their own home, which can be plenty if done correctly, but not everyone sees how it impacts the rest of the world.
More Jobs
Recycling isn’t just a hobby or a small gesture. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that creates jobs directly as well as indirectly. Remember that all recycled items have to be sorted and put through their own cleaning and processing. Even if machines are used to do much of the work, people have to run and maintain those machines, so it still creates jobs.
Recycling probably creates more indirect jobs than it does direct jobs, just because more companies are trying to use recycled materials. Some companies are even starting up based on the fact that they want to make something using only recycled materials, a very sound business strategy in a world taking a drastic shift toward the way it views the ethical implications of small businesses.
Proof of Financial Impact
A recent study demonstrates how South Carolina put $13 million back into circulation because of recycling…and that’s just in South Carolina. A recycling center on Fontaine Road paid out over $1 million dollars in a single year. Those are pretty significant numbers when you think about the fact that they are created based on trash.
Finances at Home
 If you’re looking for the impact in your own home, give yourself a pat on the back for reducing your carbon footprint, and then start using the information below to compare your numbers.

  • You can sell some recyclable materials, therefore making money off of things that might otherwise be put in a landfill.
  • Recycling tends to take up a lot of space so that homeowners often get a better look at the items they purchase. This means your family is more likely to eat healthier, home cooked meals to avoid creating more trash. You save money on food as well as healthcare.
  • Recycling doesn’t just mean getting used items out of the house. Sometimes you can reuse them in your own home, turning old windows into picture frames, cardboard into compost, and so forth. That means you spend less on décor and gardening than you would if you didn’t recycle.

If you want to know more about the financial impact of recycling or how you might can do in your home or business contact the professionals at Ever-Green Recycling today at 864-230-9800.

Trivia and Fun FactsAt Ever-Green Recycling, we are big fans of any campaign to help improve our environment.  One thing that is not being created any longer is more land and it is up to us to protect the land that exists in our community.  Our friends over at DoSomething.org recently put together a list of fun facts about recycling that we thought were worth sharing.
Fun Facts To Remember About Recycling

  1. In 2009, Americans threw away a lot of glass!  In fact, they threw away around 9 million tons of glass.  To put this into perspective, this is enough glass to stretch tractor-trailers from LA to NYC and back again.
  2. Americans typically throw out around 25 million plastic bottles per year.
  3. Almost 90% of Americans have access to either drop-off recycling programs or curbside service.
  4. As of 2010, paper recycling has increased almost 90% since 1990.
  5. More than 75% of our waste is recyclable, however as Americans we are only recycling rough 30% of our waste.
  6. Each year Americans create a whopping 200 million tons of trash every year.   One area where a significant amount of trash is created is at popular sporting events and tailgates.  If you are planning to host a tailgate, why not signup for a Trash-Free Tailgate.
  7. Each person in the US on average generates around four pounds of trash each day, which translates into 1.5 tons of waste each year.
  8. If each American were to recycle 1/10th of their newspapers each year, we would save around 25 million trees!
  9. Recycling just a single aluminum can saves enough energy to catch up on your favorite album on your music device and recycling 100 aluminum cans saves enough energy to keep the lights on in your bedroom for two weeks.
  10. In America, we generate over 20 million tons of food waste each year.  If we composted this food, we would save enough energy to take 2 million cars off of the road.

As you can see, while we are making some great strides in America when it comes to recycling, we are not doing enough.  It is our responsibility to conserve and reduce our waste to ensure that our country will remain beautiful for generations to come.
If you need help setting up a recycling program for your business, give the recycling pros at Ever-Green a call today at 864-230-9800.  We’ve been helping to beautify the upstate for many years and would be honored to work with you.