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In a business office, filling wastebaskets with garbage happens without a second thought. If your building has a cleaning service, you may not even see the wastebaskets being emptied. But the trash produced by businesses, even small businesses, dwarfs the residential and individual levels of waste production. Here are some easy ways to responsibly manage and reduce waste in your small business.
Reuse on a small scale
One of the biggest waste products of businesses is paper. Consider reusing or creatively using paper in some of the following ways:
–       Use both sides of a sheet of paper. This could mean printing a new document on the back of an old one, or even using double-sided printing as your default.
–       Compile a “scratch paper file” of old envelopes, memos, and other pieces of paper that have served their purpose but still have writing space on them. Use these for taking notes or making lists.
–       Use all the pages in legal or writing pads, front and back, before starting a new pad.
–       Go paperless whenever possible. Email, PDFs and even Google Chat can allow office communication and document review without using paper at all.
Aside from paper, your business can save both waste and money by refilling printer cartridges and repairing electronics rather than buying new ones.
Do a waste audit
Not sure how much you waste or how to cut it down? There are companies that will audit your waste production, or you can do it yourself online. This audit will not only evaluate your areas of greatest waste, but will also suggest convenient ways to reduce that waste without impacting your overhead or interrupting your operations.
Join a local recycling program
If you’re a small business, chances are your biggest footprint is in your local area. Participating in a local recycling program, or engaging with a local recycling company like Ever Green Recycling, will help cement your business’ reputation for local responsibility while reducing its overall waste production. Companies like Ever Green offer single-stream recycling, so your employees will not need to take time away from their daily tasks to separate recyclables before they get picked up. Ever Green Recycling will work just like the cleaning service mentioned above, and take care of all your recycling needs without any worry or hassle on your part.
For more information on how Ever Green Recycling can help your small business reduce waste, call us at 864-230-8900. We look forward to working with you!

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