Most people know that recycling daily is important for supporting a better environment, but you might not realize just how crucial of a role recycling plays in our society. In conserving our finite natural resources, recycling is one of the best things we can do on a daily basis to make a substantial environmental impact in the long term.

Reduces Waste Collecting in Landfills

In 2014 alone, Americans contributed 136,000,000 tons of waste to our already overflowing landfills. With non-biodegradable products like plastic ending up in these landfills, many of these items will be sitting there for centuries – slowly emitting harmful gases. Over 60% of those million tons, the EPA estimates could have been easily recycled instead.

Conserves Finite Natural Resources

Research shows that 94% of the natural resources used throughout the United States are non-renewable. If the rate at which we are using these resources continues, eventually they will run out for future generations. Preserving these resources and preventing them from being thrown away to our landfills is critical to the needs of future generations. Water, trees, and oil are only just the beginning of the vital resources recycling helps preserve.

Saves the Earth’s Ecosystems

With paper production accounting for 40% of our use of timber, deforestation that could have been prevented is worth paying attention to. Instead of utilizing recycled materials to manufacture this paper, cutting downs millions of trees is destroying habits for wildlife worldwide. 25 million trees in America could be saved every year if we recycled a mere one-tenths of our newspapers.

Decreases Toxic Pollution

Land, air, and water pollution can all be avoided by recycling. Recycling reduces the manufacturing of fresh materials and avoids incineration – which both are the causes of a substantial pollution in our society today. Research has shown that recycling paper can cut air pollutants by 75%, while recycling steel can reduce air and water pollution by 85% and 76% respectively.

Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to the EPA, approximately 42% of the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions are the result of production, transportation, and disposal of goods being powered by fossil fuels. Recycling greatly cuts down on energy expenditures in these processes to result in less carbon dioxide going into our atmosphere every year. Recycling and composting contribute to a reduction of 181,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Leave a More Positive Impact on the Environment: Upgrade Your Recycling Efforts

At Ever Green Environmental, we have been helping businesses in the North Carolina and South Carolina area for over 25 years better their business’ practices and help leave a more beneficial impact on the environment. Companies of all sizes find that they are able to substantially reduce the amount of waste they send to landfills with Ever Green Environmental. By reducing our waste, we are ensuring that our local communities will retain their beauty for centuries to come. Contact us today at 864.230.9800 or use our online contact form to find out how your business can better manage the amount of trash that makes its way into our local landfills through a commercial recycling program.

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