It’s common for both commercial and residential clients to shrug off ewaste recycling, figuring that recycling oneCRT monitor or old cell phone at a time is a drop in the bucket compared to our larger problem with electronic waste buildup in landfills, storage rooms, and unused offices around the nation. While taking the time to recycle your few electronics may not seem like it’s doing much to change the situation, a recent report from Apple suggests otherwise.
Apple has embraced the move to protect the environment through greater rates of recycling for years now, and recently released statistics on the impact the program had in the year 2015.
Apple was able to recover a total of 61 million pounds of recycled materials from old electronicsincluding:

  • More than 23 million pounds of steel
  • 13 million pounds of plastics
  • Nearly 12 million pounds of glass
  • 3 million pounds of copper
  • 6,600 pounds of silver
  • 2,200 pounds of gold

All of this by dissecting one electronic device at a time (more information can be found here).
Every pound of gold, copper, lead, or zinc is pulled out from individual phones, tablets, or computers in the smallest of weights, often less than a couple of grams per machine. With Apple’s main program running in 25 states (and with Apple supporting state-extended and international recycling efforts as well), that is 61 million pounds of material kept out of landfills in one year alone.
Electronic waste recycling isn’t just important, it’s the law. If we work together to keep toxic materials from finding their way into our local soil and groundwater, we can build a better world, one electronic device at a time.
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