At EA Recycling, we work hard to live up to our Total Destruction Guarantee, but we know that sometimes it’s just not enough to be promised that a hard drive will be wiped clean. We’ve made it the foundation of our business to be able to assure you that personal or sensitive data will never make it out of our facility, that’s why we are one of very few in our industry to provide not just the erasure of data, but the physical shredding and destruction of the hard drive itself. But how do you know if a service like yours needs a service like ours?

Why Should You Destroy Your Hard Drive?

We all know a used computer’s hard drive contains a lot of personal information, but for some industries there is an even bigger risk that comes along with having even larger amounts of sensitive data. Law firms, medical facilities, banks, accounting firms, and real estate agencies, for example, have LOADS of old e-mail messages, credit-card information, bank-account numbers, medical info, and Social-Security numbers on their hard drives, along with other personal information. When disposing of a hard drive it is essential to dispose of it safely and in a reliable manner. That is why our process ensures 100% data destruction, and we can provide every client with a data destruction guarantee.
We use the Ameri-Shred AMS 150. The Ameri-Shred AMS 150 destroys hard drives as easily as a traditional paper shredder rips through paper, except these machines are more powerful and capable of destroying a variety of different hard-drives and sizes. These shredders are also good for destroying other data-storage devices like cell phones, tablets, USB drives, etc., meaning we can offer you truly comprehensive ewaste recycling and destruction services.

Get Started Today!

Electronic Asset Recycling is a proud member of The National Association for Information Destruction, a global group that ensures that when you need truly secure data destruction, you can always find a company providing the very best.
Whether you’re looking for an ewaste disposal partner for your business or for your personal electronics, EA Recycling can handle all of your secure data destruction and hard drive shredding. If you still aren’t sure if hard drive shredding is right for you, give us a call at (864) 252-0418 or toll-free at (800) 746-1823 — we’ll listen to your needs and help you find the best possible solution for your ewaste problem. If you’re ready to get shredding, you can request a pickup today! 

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