Trade-SecretsYou want to start helping the environment by recycling, or you have a business recycling program already in place that you feel could be performing better. Since the majority of solid waste in the workplace can be recycled, going green simply makes good business sense. Here are some steps that can get your recycling efforts really firing on all cylinders.

  1. Have a Coordinator in Charge
    You need someone who is on-board with the recycling effort and recognizes the benefits. Your coordinator will survey your office or company to determine traffic areas and potential recycling locations. This important individual will make sure recycling bins are in convenient places, are labeled clearly and will also make sure the bins are used properly.
  1. Make Recycling Fun
    Have special events to highlight your company’s recycling effort. Have employees bring things to recycle from home. Provide incentives for recycling efforts to really encourage participation. Incentives don’t have to be large, just something to help instill pride and self-worth for taking part in business recycling. Spartanburg companies may choose to sponsor recycling events outside of your company to encourage community participation. This fosters goodwill, as well as employee pride.
  1. Communicate and Educate
    Regularly communicate to your employees the importance and benefits of recycling. Provide feedback so your employees know how well they are doing in their efforts. Educate by example. You and your managers need to be doing all you can in your recycling efforts in order to motivate your employees. This includes high level managers and executives participating in the recycling program as well.
  1. Expand Your Efforts
    Reach out to other offices or companies and consolidate your recycling efforts. As an added benefit, combining with other companies could reduce your recycling costs. Increase efficiency by not only recycling, but by reducing waste as well. Purchase recycled materials for your office. Let the community know about your efforts. Many consumers appreciate companies that attempt to become more environmentally conscious.


  1. Contact Ever-Green Recycling
    At Ever-Green Recycling, we can help you start a business recycling program today, just contact us. Whether you are a large company or small office, we will custom design a program just for you. By providing a variety of options, we make recycling easy and efficient. We provide commercial and business recycling for customers from all types of industries, including professional offices, restaurants, hotels, and large manufacturers.

Call us today at 864-230-9800 to discuss your recycling options and to set up your recycling program in a way that works for you and your business.

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