Old-Computers_27500361_xsAre you tired of the winter weather yet? We’ve seen our fair share of winter weather this year and most people are chomping at the bit for Spring to be here. If you’re looking for ways to get ready for warmer temperatures, a little Spring cleaning can go a long way in terms of making you feel much better. One area in particular that could likely use some Spring cleaning in your home or office is getting rid of all of your old electronics.
Get Rid of Old Electronics
Why are you hanging on to that 10 year old laptop or that old 8 track player? Let’s be honest, these old electronics are just gathering dust and are likely to never really be worth anything. Today’s electronics are literally changing by the minute and there is little that can be gained by keeping your old outdated electronics around. So why not go through your home or office this month and pull together all of your old electronics to get rid of?
Don’t Throw Your Electronics In The Garbage – RECYCLE!
You may be tempted to throw your old electronics in the garbage, but this is a big mistake. A few of the reasons why you shouldn’t throw your electronics in the trash include:

  • Sensitive Data – By throwing your old electronics in the garbage you are giving thieves a chance to access personal information that could result in identity theft or financial fraud. Most electronic waste companies offer services that will completely erase any personal information before the equipment is recycled or reused.
  • Environmental Impact – Have you taken anything to the Spartanburg dump as of late? If so, you likely have seen the mounds of trash that our community throws out each and everyday. Why contribute to this wastefulness? By partnering with an electronic waste company you can ensure that your old electronics will not end up in the landfill.

Need Someone to Handle Your Electronic Waste?
If you’re looking for someone to get rid of your electronics waste, look no further than Spartanburg’s own, Ever-Green Recycling. We offer a variety of recycling services that will get rid of your electronics without having them end up in the local dump. We’re committed to making the Spartanburg and surrounding areas more beautiful, so why not do your part by properly disposing of your electronics? For more information about our business recycling programs or electronic waste give us a call today at 864-230-9800.

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