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With the number of electronics purchased every year exceeding over 1.5 billion, how we choose to discard our old electronics is increasingly important. Electronics recycling is incredibly important for a wide variety of reasons as the number of electronics in our world only continues to grow. Most of our technology can and should be recycled. E-waste is a global problem that we as individuals need to address starting today and learning more about 12 interesting facts about e-waste.

Why Electronics Recycling Matters So Much
Saves Space in Our Landfills

With the volume and sheer amount of garbage we dispose of as a society, our landfill space is running out. Approximately 200,000,000 tons of e-waste is ending up in landfills in the U.S. annually. Recycling old electronics conserves space in our landfills. Learn more about Dangers of Electronics Waste.

Protects the Environment & Wildlife

Many of our common electronics contain toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury that are incredibly harmful to our environment and wildlife. Improper disposal of electronics can cause these toxic compounds to leech into our soil and groundwater. These toxins can then make their way into the bodies of our plants and animals, and cause severe harm to these creatures. Recycling one computer monitor alone can prevent 4 to 8 pounds of lead and other toxic chemicals from ending up in nature.

Conserve Natural Resources

In a world full of finite natural resources, it’s crucial that we work to conserve our resources so that generations to come will still be able to benefit from these precious materials. Many electronic devices today contain small amounts of gold, silver, and other precious metals that really add up over time when society collectively chooses to recycle their electronics. In addition to this, recycling also saves on many other manufacturing and energy costs that go into creating electronics’ products in the future.

Gives Back to the Community and Creates Jobs

Effective recycling measures creates more jobs in our society than alternative choices and boosts the local economy. Learn more about The Economic Benefits of Recycling. Additionally, choosing to donate your old electronics, rather than throwing them out can be beneficial to others within the local community. There are always schools and individuals within your community who would greatly appreciate ready-to-use or refurbished equipment.

Work with Ever Green Environmental to Better Your Recycling Efforts

At Ever Green Environmental, we’ve been helping organizations in the South and North Carolina area improve their recycling efforts for over 25 years. We understand the importance of electronics recycling for the protection of our environment as well as for creating a better future for our children. If you would like to better your electronics recycling efforts, feel free to call us today at 864.230.9800 or use our online contact form.

E Waste | Electronic Recycling in South Carolin

Although nearly 100% of e-waste is recyclable, unfortunately most of the e-waste produced globally is not recycled. Proper e-waste recycling recovers many nonrenewable resources and prevents thousands of toxic chemicals from seeping into our soil and water. Substances such as lead, cadmium, and mercury found in e-waste are extremely hazardous to our health; they can cause severe damage to our organs and promote the development of cancer. In many developing countries, children are suffering the most from the impact of improper recycling measures. With the number of electronics purchased every year topping over 1.5 billion already, the issues of improper e-waste disposal will only grow worse as the number of electronics purchased continues to increase.

12 Facts Worth Considering about E-Waste.
  1. It is estimated that around 41.8 million tons of e-waste was produced worldwide in 2014. It is estimated that this figure will grow to 49.8 million tons by 2018.
  2. According to research studies from the United Nations, just 16% of the total e-waste produced in 2014 around the world was recycled. This figure ranges to be at best 20% today.
  3. With millions upon millions ending up in landfills, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates we recycle only 8% of our cell phones, 17% of TVs, and 38% of computers.
  4. According to the EPA, if we recycled one million of these cell phones instead, we can recover over 20,000 pounds of copper, 550 pounds of silver, 20 pounds of palladium, and 50 pounds of gold.
  5. Every year, Americans throw out around $60 million worth of silver and gold by sending their phones to the landfill.
  6. Approximately 20-50 million metric tons of e-waste are ending up annually in landfills and improper disposal places.
  7. Old TV’s poorly disposed of can cause leaching of lead into our soil and groundwater. Each TV can contain 4-8 pounds of lead – adding up substantially in its environmental impact internationally.
  8. To manufacture one computer and monitor, 530 pounds of fossil fuel, 48 pounds of chemicals, and 1.5 tons of water are needed.
  9. Estimates show that about 40% of all the heavy metals in our landfills in the United States come from e-waste.
  10. Research from the EPA demonstrates that around 350,000 mobile phones are thrown out daily. This adds up to roughly 152 million annually.
  11. The United Nations approximates that global e-waste has increased as much as 33% in the last 4 years.
  12. While e-waste takes up 2% of the space in American landfills, it produces 70% of our society’s overall toxic waste.
Take Action and Implement the Most Effective E-Waste Recycling Measures

Not all e-waste recyclers operating within the community are the same. There are safer and more environmentally-beneficial ways of recycling e-waste. At Ever Green Environmental, we understand the importance of taking all the proper precautions and steps for recycling e-waste. Read more about Why Data Destruction is Critical When Recycling Electronics. As a trusted family-owned and operated organization in the North and South Carolina area, you know that your electronics are in good hands with us. We have been green leaders for over 25 years helping companies of all sizes substantially reduce the amount of waste they send away to landfills.
Reach out to us today to find out how we can improve your e-waste recycling efforts. Call us at 864.230.9800 or fill out our online contact form today.

Electronic Data Destruction

At Ever Green Environmental, we regularly handle the recycling of electronics for businesses in Upstate South Carolina. Too often, we find companies forgetting to destruct the valuable data within their electronics. It’s not just about getting rid of the electronics for organizations, but it’s also about getting rid of the important, confidential data that lies on these electronic appliances. The last thing that you want is for someone’s personal information to be left on a recycled electronic item.

Electronic Recycling Support

While our primary focus is recycling your electronics so that they can be reused or resold, we are also here to help you navigate the data destruction process. You may not know how to wipe your electronics clear so that no important data is left. By partnering with Ever Green Environmental, we’ll support you through this process to ensure that you can rest easy at night knowing that no one has access to any confidential information outside of your company. Whether you are planning to recycle a laptop and let another employee use the computer, or you are upgrading to a newer computer system, all of the data needs to be deleted so that the next employee can start completely fresh.

Recycling Electronics with Ease

By choosing Ever Green Environmental, you get the total package when it comes to recycling electronics. More and more people across the country rely on electronics for nearly every task on the job. In turn, electronic waste is continuing to grow year after year. At Ever Green Environmental, we aim to do our part when it comes to recycling electronics the right way. We’ll take your e-waste off of your hands, make sure that the data gets destructed and then resell or reuse the electronics.

Dedicated Recycling Team

With more than 25 years of experience in the electronic recycling industry and as a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), we have built countless relationships with businesses across the Upstate South Carolina area. Our dedicated team will recycle your electronics and destroy any remaining data on these items before reselling or reusing. Through recycling electronics, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment around us, one day at a time.
If your business has some old electronics that need to be recycled in the Upstate South Carolina area, make sure you pick a partner that also focuses on data destruction. Team up with Ever Green Environmental today and let us destruct the data on your recycled electronics. To learn more, give us a call today at (864) 230-9800 or email.

Greenville, SC is an absolutely phenomenal place to own a commercial business. It has all of the necessary resources that help to make your company thrive. Whether you are a smaller commercial company or a large corporation, commercial recycling services are something that every business should take advantage of. Ever Green Environmental is Greenville’s premier recycling company offering a variety of recycling solutions for any size business. No matter what your recycling volume may be, Ever Green Environmental is here to help and help you save real money with recycling.

Meeting Your Needs

In the Upstate of South Carolina, there are a large range of commercial businesses. From small startups to large industrial corporations, Ever Green Environmental has had experience in working with all sizes. It is, for this reason, that we offer a variety of options and solutions to meet your company’s recycling needs. We recognize that all companies have different needs. We offer services that include pick up anywhere from one to five times a week. If you are unsure of your process, we have the capability of custom designing a recycling process that meets both your sustainability and financial goals.

Reducing Landfill Dependency and Saving You Energy

No matter how big or small, your company can make a large impact on the amount of trash that is sent to our Greenville landfill. We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your employees to recycle. We offer single stream recycling which allows you to place all of your recycling items into one bin. We will pick it up and sort it out, making the process tremendously easy for your customers and employees. Additionally, partnering with us means that you can ensure your liability on dumping electronics and the dangers of improperly handling your e-waste recycling needs. We provide a certificate of recycling documentation for your electronics that you have decided to recycle. This means that we can track all of your assets from start to finish, providing a secure paper trail.

Ultimately, our goal is to make the Upstate of South Carolina a better place to live. By reducing landfill waste and encouraging commercial recycling, we hope to sustain our environment for future generations. Commercial recycling services in Greenville, SC have never been more affordable. With easy to implement solutions, why wouldn’t you want to improve your surroundings?

For more information about commercial recycling services in the Upstate of South Carolina, email or call Ever Green Environmental today at 864.230.9800. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Have you ever thought about what happens to all of those old computers, televisions, cell phones, fax machines, printers and other electronics equipment that no longer works and has no financial value? This is commonly known as electronic waste (E-Waste). For the everyday consumers of these products, calling these items dangerous would not make sense. However, if you cracked back the case of these items, there are many metals and chemicals that if not disposed of correctly can become dangerous to humans. Rather than throwing your electronics into your local landfill in Upstate South Carolina, let our dedicated staff at Ever Green Environmental help you properly dispose and recycle your E-Waste.

E-Waste Danger

Have you ever seen the inside of a computer? The Parts That Make Up Every Computer? If not, it is definitely a sight worth seeing. Within computers and other electronics, lots of metals, semimetals and chemical compounds are brought together in order for the item to function. Some of the common metals found in these electronics include nickel, mercury, copper, and small amounts of arsenic. While these metals are not harmful while enclosed within your electronics, they can become harmful if they are broken open and not disposed of properly. Read more about Dangers Of Improperly Handling Your E-Waste Recycling Needs. What happens to these metals if left in a landfill for a long period of time is that they can leak into the earth’s soil. In turn, E-Waste can have a negative effect on our environment and cause diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

Danger of Your Data in the Wrong Hands

Disposing of electronics that house important data like smartphones and hard drives should be done extremely carefully. The last thing you want to do is to turn over these electronics without properly destroying important data and the next thing you know your financial data is in the wrong hands and you’re left having to put your financial life back in order.

How You Can Help

Recycling can become a difficult task to manage on your own when it comes to your E-Waste. Rather than trying to dispose of your old electronics on your own, let our experienced team at Ever Green Environmental handle the E-Waste disposal and recycling of your electronic waste and recycling large electronics. Do your part by reducing the risk of harming our environment through responsible E-Waste disposal! Electronic waste is at an all time high and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon with so much new technology hitting the market. Rather than dropping it off at a landfill, let us take the E-Waste off of your hands. In turn, we’ll attempt to reuse or resell the working parts and properly recycle the rest. We’ll also ensure any data is properly disposed of to protect you from potential harm.
There’s nothing wrong with having a passion for electronics! What you do with your old electronics is what can become dangerous for our environment. If you have some E-Waste in Upstate South Carolina that you need to properly dispose of, your first thought should always be to call Ever Green Environmental. Give us a call today at (864) 230-9800 or email and let us take the E-Waste off of your hands before it ever has a chance of making it to the local landfill.

How Does Ever Green Make Recycling Simple?

One of the biggest hassles with recycling is knowing where to put the various items. Can I put cans and bottles together? Do I have to separate paper from cardboard? Can I mix everything together, or does it just become trash at that point? Ever Green solves those problems with single stream recycling. Our service allows customers of all sizes to start or expand their recycling program by capturing paper, plastics, aluminum, and cardboard all in the same container. No more worrying about what item needs to go where. If it’s paper, plastics, aluminum, or cardboard, throw it in Ever Green’s container, and we’ll make sure it is properly sorted, recycled, and reused!

Does Ever Green Recycle Electronics?

Of course! We help our customers properly recycle electronics, like computers, printers, and monitors, but also florescent lightbulbs, ballasts, and batteries. We can take multiple items in one load, so you don’t need to wait until you have multiple pallets of a single item. Once we pick up the items, we weigh or count them, sort them, and then send them to our partners who disassemble them, and recycle the individual commodities in each item. Finally, we send you a Certificate of Recycling that shows you’ve disposed of your electronics properly.

What Size Business Can Recycle?

All sizes! We help businesses start or expand their recycling program. Some businesses want to become “Ever Green” but don’t know where to start. Other businesses have very limited recycling programs, and don’t know how to expand them. Ever Green helps with both. We’ll come in, survey your waste streams, and come up with a comprehensive plan to help you recycle more than you’re recycling today. From single person offices to manufacturing facilities, we can help you become “Ever Green”!

Are there Federal or State Requirements?

Yes, South Carolina passed an electronics recycling bill on July 1, 2011 that banned the disposal of electronics in landfills. Ever Green provides proper disposal of electronics, and issues our customers Certificates of Recycling to confirm that the items have been recycled properly.

What are the First Steps to Start Recycling?

Give Ever Green a call! We’ll discuss briefly what you’re doing now, and how you’d like to improve that. Once we discuss that, we’ll do a site survey and come up with a plan to help your business start or expand your current recycling efforts. Our goal is to help every business become “Ever Green”!

When was the last time your business just tossed old batteries or electronics out with the regular garbage? If your answer is anything but “never,” you should know that doing so is expressly dangerous and harmful to the environment. Battery acid, plastics, lead, cadmium, beryllium, and even mercury all leach away from these electronics when they reach landfills instead of being property recycled. This can lead to serious harm for garbage processors, the Earth, animals, and even people, too. If you’re still not convinced why it matters that you don’t toss that last-generation iPhone in the trash, these high-impact dangers of improper handling should change your mind. Read more How Recycling Adds Up, One Phone at a Time.

Poisoned Water Tables

E-waste items like computers and smartphones often contain potentially harmful substances like lead and mercury. While they aren’t harmful to humans within these devices, once they begin to break down they can cause significant harm to water tables. As they leach through the ground, the contamination goes largely unnoticed. It can be decades later after multiple devices break down before local environmental protection agencies even notice the problem. In more than one instance, e-waste has directly influenced lead levels in drinking water, something that can lead to severe illness and even death.

Complex Water Contamination

The risk for a contamination problem rises steeply in landfills near lakes, streams, oceans, or coastline. Water can carry contaminants for tens or hundreds of miles, harming the ecosystem all along its path. In areas where farmland lies downstream, these contaminants can even infiltrate food crops, putting humans at real risk. Rising mercury levels in tuna is one example of this in practical application.

Harm to Local Flora and Fauna

It isn’t just water supplies that suffer when e-waste is improperly handled; local flora and fauna can suffer, too. Plants and animals can struggle with the same risks and hazards as humans, and have the additional potential risk of ingestion, too. Seabirds in particular are under high risk to eat small watch batteries or devices assuming they’re food; one the battery breaks down within the stomach it can kill them. High levels of certain minerals and metals can also stunt or kill plants, disturbing the local ecosphere dramatically.

Increased Cancer Rates

There is at least some evidence to prove that certain elements within e-waste may be teratogenic. This includes the cadmium found in computer chips and the beryllium found on motherboards. Used within computers the risk of harm is minute, but again issues can arise when old e-waste begins to break down. Depending on the substance, the release of teratogenic or carcinogenic materials could directly harm garbage sorters or may even enter the atmosphere if toxins are heated or burned within landfills.
Though research continues into just how grave the potential risk may be, most scientists agree that the sheer volume of e-waste that isn’t recycled today is, in fact, a problem. Implementing a business recycling program is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce your potential ecological footprint. Best of all, it could even help you to recoup or reduce overall costs as well.
Reach out to Ever Green Environmental today to learn how an e-waste recycling program can benefit you, your employees and the environment.

We often field calls and questions from residential customers around upstate South Carolina, concerned as to where they can recycle their home electronics safely. While we can sometimes provide them with ewaste pickup, many residents want to back out when they hear they’ll have to pay for us to drive out to their home and take things in ourselves. Luckily, if you’re a resident in Greenville County looking for a way to recycle ewastewithout charge, or you have confidential documents and papers you need shredded, Greenville’s Shredding & Ewaste Recycling Day has you covered!
The event is being held on April 23, 2016, so you have plenty of time to take a look around your house and pick up all those old and unwanted electronics cluttering up closets and storage rooms. Old documents, such as receipts or taxes that are past the point of being useful to maintain, can also be shredded during the event, which lasts from 10 am to 1 pm at the TD Convention Center, located just off of North Pleasantburg. While the event is open to residents and business, it’s limited to ten items per person, so area businesses with more electronics should look into partnering with a local ewaste recycling company like Electronic Asset Recycling.
Also available during the event will be compost bins, which the city will sell for $20 per bin, payable by cash or check. Compost bins can help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, as food scraps can be composted and used to provide support to local gardeners (or used as incentive for you to start your own garden at home).
You can learn a bit more about the event, and what kinds of electronics the city is accepting, here on the website for the city of Greenville. It’s worth noting that the city does not provide hard drive shredding services, whether residential or commercial. If you’re looking to ensure total confidentiality of your electronic equipment, we here at EARecycling can shred hard drives for as low as $7 per drive, or less than it costs you to grab lunch afterwards.
Our mission is to provide safe, legal ewaste recycling services for commercial clients throughout South Carolina and Western North Carolina, but helping to support more eco-friendly initiatives within our Greenville community is just as important. We hope this update helps our friends and neighbors to recycle their own household electronics safely and responsibly. If you’re looking for ewaste recycling services,EARecycling is the company to call. We provide a Total Data Destruction Guarantee. You can learn more about partnering with us by clicking the banner below or by giving us a call at (800) 746-1823 at any time.

Let’s say your company does everything right when it comes to ewaste disposal. You chose to working with a company you’ve heard was certified, and you trust your that your choice to recycle your ewaste safely and legally is the best way to get all of those old computers and electronics out of your office. Then, one day, you pick up a newspaper to find that your “certified” ewaste recycling company has been simply shipping all that ewaste off to landfills or overseas on the sly.
Since you did everything you were supposed to do, your company is in the clear, right? Wrong. You could still be held liable to the tune of thousands of dollars a day in cleanup fees and fines, thanks to downstream liability. If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, here’s our advice on how to protect yourself and your company when working to stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws about ewaste.

What is Downstream Liability?

Downstream liability, at heart, is a company’s responsibility for certain kinds of security or legal compromises that affect the public or their customers. A well-known example would be when hackers broke into Target’s customer database and stole millions of peoples’ credit or debit card numbers and other information. Despite the fact that Target did not actively release this information, they could nonetheless be held liable for failing to adequately protect their customers. Any business that deals with electronic waste (and, in today’s world, that is going to be basically all businesses) will face a similar problem.
If you work with an ewaste recycling business but don’t research what happens to your old technology once it leaves your facility, you could be considered liable if it is discovered that the ewaste company is tossing your old fax machines, computers, and company phones in landfills, or if they are being broken down in a way that allows toxic materials to leak into the soil and groundwater. Even though your company didn’t make the decision to break the law, you could still be held liable for the results.

How Can I Protect My Business?

First off, it’s important to do your research. You’ll want to pick a company that is upfront about the process, what the recycled materials may be used for, and what happens to the material that cannot be directly recycled in the end. It’s also important to look for companies that will provide you with documentation proving that they have taken on the liability once your technology comes into their possession.
We also advise those who ask us to seek out companies that are fairly close to home, or at least close enough to visit in-person. We work with clients in certain areas of North Carolina and all of South Carolina, and when you schedule a pickup for your office, a member of Electronic Asset Recycling’s team will be the one who knocks on your door.
When thinking about protecting your business, it’s also important to know what the electronic waste recycling company you choose to work with will do with your information. Just about every electronic device in your office holds at least some information, whether it’s employee home addresses, customer transactional info, or confidential details about your business model. The company may simply wipe your hard drives. At EARecycling, we provide hard drive shredding services as well, where we can physically destroy the hard drive in question. You want to know for sure that the company you partner with can provide you with a total data destruction guarantee.
If you’re looking for a way to legally and responsibly recycle your company’s ewaste, Electronic Asset Recycling is the company to call. We’ll partner with you to protect your downstream liability and ensure that your company’s information stays secure. Interested in learning more? You can reach us by phone at (800) 746-1823 or contact us online at any time.

We’re mostly known for recycling desktop and laptop computers, but that’s not all we work with here at Ever Green Environmental. We accept just about any form of electronics you can think of, including large electronics like TVs or fax machines! We’d like to answer a few of the most common questions we receive about the larger items we recycle.

What counts as ‘large electronics’?

Large electronics include CRT TVs, flat-screen televisions, large copiers or combination copier/fax machines, large-volume printers, and any other large office technology. Wondering what a CRT TV is? Think of the older, heavy televisions. These used to be TVs on the market until they were largely replaced by flat-screen options within the last fifteen years. CRTs (the letters stand for Cathode Ray Tube) are weighty and nearly all electronics manufacturers have discontinued production and service, leaving many CRTs taking up space in closets or storage rooms.

How can I prep my large electronics for recycling?

While nearly all electronics contain toxic materials involved in their construction, CRTs tend to have a greater amount; therefore, it’s very important to be careful while transporting them to a recycling facility. Make sure you don’t drop them, and if there is an incident where the televisions is dropped or cracked, handle with extreme care — wear gloves while sweeping up very small pieces. Drop your CRTs off at an ethical ewaste recycling facility where they can be processed responsibly.

What if my CRT, flat-screen TV, copier, or other piece of large electronics is still usable, but outdated?

At EARecycling, we are huge proponents of reusing if possible and giving back to the community. If your large electronics are still in good working order, contact local charities to see if they would be able to use them. Most CRTs will need to be disposed of regardless, but you may be able to find a new home for your old flat-screen televisions, copiers, fax machines, and other machinery.

Can I get money for my large electronics?

That depends. If your flat-screen TV is newer but you’ve decided to replace it, you may be able to get credit towards a new purchase at a local electronics store. In most cases, however, even at-home televisions will have depreciated in value enough that it will be costly for the recycling company to work with them.

Can you come and pick up my old TVs/copiers/fax machines/etc?

Yes — but you’ll need to pay for pickup. While EARecycling works with residential and commercial clients, when it comes to things like CRT and flat-screen televisions that are more likely to be in a residence than a business, it is usually cheaper for you to bring them to us. We charge for pickups in order to help recoup the costs of recycling. For commercial clients looking to recycle large amounts of a particular type of technology (such as 100 CRTs or fifty flat-screen TVs, for instance), it will be far easier on your business (and your employees) for us to come to you. Schedule hard drive shredding services at the same time and we’ll shred your hard drives on site during your pickup!

Can’t I just toss my TVs out with the trash?

The short answer is no. Televisions fall under recently passed legislation in South Carolina that bans the disposal of televisions and other electronic waste in landfills, due to the long-term damage to soil and groundwater that is likely when the toxic materials inside break down. If you are unable to donate your televisions to a nonprofit agency, it is incredibly important to recycle it safely and responsibly by working with an ewaste recycling company. Business could face fines of thousands of dollars per day if caught illegally throwing out electronics — including TVs.

I need to recycle my TV. Where can I drop it off?

Here, of course! At Electronic Asset Recycling, we work hard to provide total ewaste recycling servicesthat cover more than just a laptop or a cell phone. You can bring in just about any kind of electronics you use for safe recycling. Interested in scheduling a pickup or asking about drop offs? We’d love to hear from you! Just give us a call at (800) 746-1823 or contact us online at any time. While we cannot accept drop offs outside of out Greenville, South Carolina location, we are able to schedule pickups in locations like Asheville, Charlotte, and Charleston. Just contact us and we’ll tell you what your options are throughout WNC and South Carolina.