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While many people are making strides to live a greener lifestyle and reduce the size of their carbon footprint on the planet, South Carolina is taking things a step further. Not only is the state reducing its carbon footprint in general, but actually multiplying the economic impact of recycling through business recycling programs and individual efforts. It’s not just about reducing the impact on the planet, but using things like electronic waste to create jobs and enhance the economic standing of the state in general. Take a look at some of the numbers.
Growing Industry
In 2006, recycling in South Carolina was a $6.5 billion industry. In 2013, those numbers doubled so that it was a $13 billion industry and there is no sign of that industry slowing down. If anything, there are plans to develop it even further. Of course, the rapid development of new technology helps since individuals and businesses are constantly updating what they have and getting rid of their old systems. In fact, 64% of the respondents interviewed asserted that they had every intention of future expansion.
Individual Benefits
When it comes to individuals, there are plenty of benefits. For one thing, this industry contributed $329 million in state and local taxes, an amount that can reduce the burden on individual taxpayers while still allowing for expansion and development within the state. On top of the tax dollars, the recycling industry has almost doubled the jobs it created with 54,123 jobs by 2013, almost 50% more than there were in 2006.
The benefits don’t end there. The entire premise of capitalism is that the more people make, the more they will spend. That means that this particular industry actually creates its own growth by affording individuals the buying power to continuously upgrade their technology. Each individual is estimated to contribute 600 lb. a year to the recycling industry already. However, with increased employment options, that number may increase as well, especially since there is such a push today to reuse and recycle items.
In an economy that has been struggling, South Carolina has found a way to not just survive, but thrive. From electronic waste to paper products, recycling has become an industry to be recognized. If you are interested in learning more about recycling or have a need to find a business to help you recycle your products or waste, contact Ever-Green Recycling today to learn about your recycling options.
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