Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken some time to showcase some of our top customers to give you a glimpse into what it means to be an Ever Green Recycling customer.  Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we forget to stand back and thank some of our most loyal customers.
Fairway Ford has been a longtime customer of ours and this week we had a chance to talk with Kathryn McKissick.  We thank her for taking the time to answer our questions and for her kind words in regards to Ever Green Recycling.
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What types of materials are you recycling at Fairway Ford?
“Fairway Ford Lincoln Subaru recycles cardboard, non-sensitive paper, newspaper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans.”
How long have you been using the services of Ever Green Recycling?
“We’ve been using Ever Green since 2011.”
What sort of positives have you experienced since you started using Ever Green?
“Recycling has always been important to me personally, and to us as a business.  Before Ever Green, we had a very DIY recycling program – I was hauling cardboard boxes & garbage bags full of cans & bottles in the back of my Explorer down to Stone Avenue- it was not ideal!  Ever Green makes it so easy & worry free.  Jimmy comes to pick up every Tuesday like clockwork, always with a smile on his face.  As an added bonus, we’ve cut the number of our waste dumpster/pick-ups in half, which saves money each month.”
What are some of the reasons that you picked Ever Green to handle all of your recycling needs?
“First of all we loved that they were a local business.  They are approachable, responsive and extremely customer-service oriented.  Alex Walter patiently held my hand through the setup process and really helped to make sure the program was right for us.”
Do you have any other general comments about Ever Green that you care to share?
We love Ever Green!  The service is fantastic- I have both Alex and Rob’s cell phone, so they’re only a call away if I need anything.  Plus, I appreciate how community-minded Rob Eney is- he has gone really out of his way to help Greenville Humane Society, a cause near and dear to my heart.  For instance, this weekend Rob is donating his time and providing recycling solutions free-of-charge for Mutt Strut, an event benefitting the GHS.”
We cannot thank Kathryn from Fairway Ford enough for this incredible testimonial.  We work hard each day to receive comments as positive as these.  If you are in need of recycling services for your business or non-profit give us a call today at 864-230-9800.  We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your needs and come up with an economical plan that can help you recycle more and reduce the amount of trash that you are generating each week.

At Ever Green Recycling, we have been truly overwhelmed by the kind words that we hear almost daily from our growing list of clients.  We thought that we would showcase a few of our top clients to show how we are working with Upstate businesses and non-profits to reduce the amount of recyclables that are sent to the landfill.
Greenville Humane SocietyThis week’s client spotlight will showcase The Greenville Humane Society.  Many thanks to Kim Pitman, Executive Director of The Greenville Humane Society for taking a few minutes to answer our questions during a very busy time for her team at GHS.
Below are a few of the questions that we asked Kim about partnering with Ever Green Recycling.
What are you recycling at The Greenville Humane Society?
“The Greenville Humane Society recycles unused newspaper, cardboard, office paper, plastics and aluminum.  We recycle approximately one ton per week.”
How long have you been using Ever Green?
“The Greenville Humane Society has been using Ever Green’s services since October of 2013.”
What sort of positives have you experienced since your started using Ever Green?
“Recycling has allowed GHS to cut overhead costs.  We were able to reduce our waste container needs to just one 8 yard dumpster; allowing us to save over $600 per year.  On top of that we feel that we are doing the right thing for the environment since our business recycles one ton per week.”
What were some of the reasons why you choose Ever Green to handle your recycling needs?
“Ever Green was recommended to us by Fairway Ford/Fairway Subaru.  They were able to work closely with us to determine our recycling needs and were even able to donate several containers allowing us to save even more money while still helping the environment.  That’s a win win situation.”
Do you have any other general comments that you would like to convey about  Ever Green’s service and how it has benefited The Greenville Humane Society?
“They are extremely responsive and customer service oriented—truly impressive since other waste management companies don’t have that attitude.”
We are ecstatic to have The Greenville Humane Society as a customer and even more excited by the comments that they have shared with us.  It is customer interactions like this that make us realize that we are truly having an effect on our community and the environment as a whole.  If you are in need of recycling services for your business or non-profit please give us a call today at 864-230-9800 or send us an email at info@ever-greenrecycling.com.
Special Thank you to – McMillian, Pazdan, Smith for image source