With energy costs on the rise and the clear need for businesses to engage in more green business practices, reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings is a smart choice both financially and ethically. Energy bills can pose a high business expense to companies and there are many things that can be done to cut down on costs.

1)  Utilize Modern, Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

New and improved LED lighting can make a substantial impact on your company’s energy bill. Updating your lighting can result in costs savings of up to 60%. Using new lamps, bulbs, and fixtures with new equipment can additionally lead to the generation of less heat which can help lower air conditioning bills as well.

2) Plant Trees around Your Commercial Building

Studies have shown that plants inside and outside the office can help boost employees’ productivity, as well as their happiness. Planting deciduous trees around the south and east areas of your office building can help lower your bills as well by providing shade in warm weather to help lower your air conditioning costs. Planting evergreen trees on the west and north sides of your building can help block wind in the winter, in addition to providing shade in the summer.

3) Utilize Energy-Efficient Hot Water Heating Systems

Substantial amounts of hot water in your building may be stored in a large tank that is not being used much in hot weather. Implementing water heaters that only heat water when it is needed or installing a solar hot water system can help eliminate energy waste.

4) Switch over to Motion Sensitive Lighting Solutions

Motion sensitive switches can ensure that lights are only on when they are needed in your office building.

5) Stay on Top of HVAC Maintenance

Proper HVAC maintenance can help a corporate building reduce their energy expenditure by as much as 15-20%. Refrigerant levels that are correctly filled can result in a substantial reduction of energy.

6) Seek and Eliminate Sources of Phantom Energy

Phantom energy is the electricity that is drawn from electronics when they are not in use, but still plugged in. Sources of this can include printers and fax machines. Phantom loads can make up as 10% of your electric bill. Utilizing smart power strips and setting standby times for equipment are two straightforward ways to stop energy from being wasted.

Work with a Management Team with over 50 Years of Industry Experience

Many commercial companies might not be aware of the many energy efficient solutions that can be implemented in their businesses easily and effectively. If you would like to discover more energy savings solutions, don’t hesitate to contact Ever Green Environmental at 864.230.9800 today. Our results speak for themselves, just ask our clients. We are a customer focused company offering scalable solutions for companies of any size.

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