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The recycling community throughout the United States shares a common goal when it comes to our environment. Make an environmental impact by reducing the amount of trash sent to the landfill. When we were made aware of an article that Perfect Rubber Mulch posted, it was too good not to share with you.
With so many misconceptions about recycling swirling around, a little knowledge can go a long way towards helping you make wise decisions about how to dispose of your trash. If you didn’t know the truth behind all these myths it would be easy to think that recycling wasn’t worth our time, effort, or money but that could not be farther from the truth. While it certainly isn’t a perfect solution to dealing with our trash problem, recycling is an important part of our long-term sustainability strategy. Simply put, the pros of recycling outweigh the cons in almost all situations.

Myth #1

Recycling is More Expensive than Disposal

While there are some costs associated with recycling, properly designed recycling programs can be cost competitive with disposal programs. And the best thing is that the more that people recycle, the more cost effective it gets! According to the EPA, disposing of trash costs around $75-200 per ton while a comparable curbside recycling program costs around $50-150 per ton!
While recycling facilities and programs are expensive to get up and running, the long term costs are not necessarily higher than the costs associated with traditional disposal methods.

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